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It's been another busy few days, including workshops and photo shoots. Sunday saw me put my Historical Sauce hat on and we ran a class based on getting a 1920s look for hair and make up. I sported a bit of a different look for me clothing wise, I opted for quite a masculine look with a pair of wide leg trousers, a crisp white shirt and a cravat, more about this in another post, but here I am later in the evening with Karen of Fabulous Miss K and Lucy of glamourologist

After the workshop we opened the doors for our end of the month Sip and Shop, and we were joined by two fabulous local businesses who set up shop and offered people some brilliantly priced .vintage gorgeousness (thank you Wake Up Little Susie) and we also had local designers Sugar and Hatter with some beautiful accessories to decorate our barnets. 

I shocked everyone, including myself by not taking a single sip of alcohol, I was doing a shoot the next day and wanted to be as fresh as a daisy so it was soft drinks for me all evening. The shoot was for Norwich Fashion Week 2013 (yes,we have a fashion week!) and was for Karen who you see me with in the first picture. Also known as The Fabulous Miss K, Karen is an expert at putting on fashion shows and she is treating Norwich Fashion Week to a vintage show, so I was called in style hair and make up for the promo shots for the event. 

It was a veeeery  busy first part of the day as we got four models styled and the pictures are just going to be stunning. The good thing about being a stylist on shoots like this is that once all the crazy part of getting everyone ready is over you can take the foot of the gas a little and watch it all come together in front of the camera. I always stay on set when I can, it's all part of the fun.

If follow me on instagram (if you don't but want to here's my instagram online page) you will know that I always try and get some behind the scenes shots, because I think it's fun to see what goes on my side of the camera. I've had a peek at the official photos by Photographer Antony Kelly and oh my goodness they are going to be breath taking! Full on glamour and beauty. Trust me. Karen will be blogging about it at some point and fashion week is in March so expect lots of interesting posts from her in the build up to the big event  over on her blog. 

Missed the behind the scenes shots online? Well here's a sneak peek, I have lots of great ones but you'll have to wait before I can show you all of them.

I simply can't wait to see the official shots! In other news the short film I worked on recently, called The Nearness of You, got a nice mention in the Eastern Daily Press and the other shoot I worked on styling singer/song writer Nina Baker also went in the paper this week too. I've snapped these articles on my iphone, so apologies they aren't the best!

I had no idea there would be pictures of me in the paper on the Nina shoot...... so I got a bit of a shock when I opened up the paper! Had I have known I would have ensured my concentration face was a bit more camera friendly! Eeek! Well, with all the behind the scenes shots I get of other people, I suppose it was only a matter of time before I was papped myself! My New Years resolution is to find a better 'thinking' face! 


  1. I love behind the scenes shots, but I'm so nosey! It's good to see events from different angles. Loving your work

  2. Crikey, is this a typical week in your world?! How glam!

  3. Omg thats so neat! Congrats on being published! One day I hope to take one of your classes! One day! It's on my bucket list! LOL xox

  4. Gosh you have been busy! Great shots.
    Do you mind if I pinch the one I'm in? I'll credit you of course...xx

  5. Ahhh - well done. Hard work paying off!


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