Weekend Wonders

Monday, it's almost over but my word what a weekend I've had. My Monday has been a bit lazier than it usually would have been, but I was working all weekend. In fact Friday through to Sunday I've either been doing hair and make up, helping people learn hair and make up or reading and planning..... yes you guessed it, hair and make up! 

Friday saw the start of a styling hat-trick for me, with the first booking being for a Halloween shoot for the local press. Featuring suitable spooky inspired head wear from designers Sugar and Hatter and clothes from various Norwich shops including Rock Collectionwhich were hand picked by fashion journalist Emma Harrowing. We set about showcasing some wearable and glam looks for those who want to be fancy rather than fancy dress. The article will be in the press next week so here's just a sneak peek..... Model Ruby had shoulder length hair and a fringe but an up do was created. Big hair won! 

Saturday I had my Historical Sauce head on and had a lovely drive in the autumn sunshine, out to North Norfolk to a gorgeous cottage that was home to a hen party. We had a great time creating some vintage inspired hair and make-up and they were really up for getting stuck in with the make-up and the rollers, so we had a fun time and they all looked great and uber glam at the end. I only wish I'd been in the pub when they all walked in that evening! I imagine the locals in this quite little village in Norfolk got quite a surprise! 

Sunday saw me wake up thirty minutes before my alarm went off.........which means I was up at half past six! On a Sunday! What??! Once again I was on the road but this time to do hair and make up for a short film. Exciting non? So I found myself in the pretty little village of Heydon, Norfolk to create hair and make-up for a film set in 1943 that has been written and directed by actor Sam Heydon. With two leading ladies and several extras to style it was non stop for most of the day. The film scene was a dance, so we had a band, soldiers, dancers......... it was just fab! Some of the extras had already come styled and were ready to go, others waited their turn to get in the hair and make up hot seat and a fair few had done their hair and make up themselves but weren't quite happy or didn't feel suitably glam, so came to see me to get made over! 

I had such a hoot, it was certainly a very long day, but everyone was so lovely and several ladies asked me what were the chances of their hair being intact the next morning if they slept in it, so the forties style was being worn and loved! I also got to be an extra, this involved me dancing. Not something I feel I do very well, but I have to say that I had a lovely dance partner guide me round and I enjoyed it, pretty sure girls would have free-styled in the forties..... this one did!......... as it's only a two minute film I have every expectation that any scenes with me in the background will hit the cutting room floor! I certainly won't worry too much about that, but once again I'm thinking that I really really must learn to dance because I know I'd really like to be able too.  After all that hair and make up I was starting to feel a bit achy so that dancing loosened me up quite nicely!

I had lots of lovely cups of tea - these were well received, as the hall was very chilly indeed (until all the dancing started!) Big thanks to the directors sister too who made sure we all had food to keep us going through the day including a hot meal at tea time of baked potatoes and chilli, plus home made pudding for those that still had room. Spoilt, is the word I think. Oh and if you're wondering if I managed to get my paws on any of that lovely 1940s wardrobe, the answer is ........yes. Sadly whilst the coat fitted my waist and hips like a glove it was too small over the bust (this happens a lot, boobs and vintage are not always friends!) however I didn't let this stop me from swooshing around in it for a while, along with a rather splendid hat. 

Did I sleep well on Sunday night? You bet I did! Hope you all had good weekends too!


  1. I absolutely love you blog. It so interesting.

  2. Great post. Sounds like an absolutely brilliant weekend! xx

  3. Wow, sounds exhausting but exciting. I'm not surprised you had a queue to get hair and make-up done! Your styling looks great in the pictures!

  4. This looks great - I like the look for the young girl in the photo shoot - pretty but with attitude - my kind of styling! Looks like and the stylist have worked well together to create that look. Also can I just say that the 40s hair and make up looks great too. Very authentic. 40s style hair is fun to play with, but when done for something like a film the pin up factor needs to be lost and authenticity is key. The shapes look lovely.

  5. You look very happy in your work!

  6. oh how lovely, what an exciting weekend. I love that tea cup and saucer too. everyone look so wonderful. I love 40s style.


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