Swinging Back to The 60s

Recently I was booked to do hair and make up for photo shoot with a 60s theme. The shoot was for the fashion sections of Norfolk papers The Evening News and the Eastern Daily Press and used clothes from some of Norwich's amazing vintage shops. We're actually quite spoilt in Norwich, I whole heartedly believe that we are well worth a visit if you love your vintage. The clothes were sourced by the very fab Karen of Fabulous Miss K, and I was hoping Karen had also sourced a model with long locks as I was bursting with excitement in the hope of creating a beehive -which is probably one of my favourite styles to create.

Karen as always, got it spot on, and when our model Frances walked in I could visualise what we were going to create straight away! Beehivetastic! One of my must have products for creating volume is Batiste XXL dry shampoo, I also use Schwarzkopf got2be powder'ful, which is great at adding real ooomph at the roots and texture too, these two products really help to prepare the hair for an updo (both products are under £5 each) Several minutes of backcombing later, we were ready to start creating the shape of the beehive. I left a front section out to create a sweepy fringe, and at the back created a chignon. Despite having my hands full with an array of hair and beauty products I did manage to get you some behind the scenes shots!

For the make up it was all about the eyes. Lots of eyeliner both liquid and pencil. On the lids I used liquid eyeliner to create a very strong thick wing and under the eyes lots of pencil eyeliner, the addition of eye lashes gave the eyes that full on 60s look. On the lips I used a nude shade, this look is all about the peepers.

Behind the scene pics if the rest of the shoot..........................

There was one dress that unfortunately as gorgeous as it was didn't make the shoot as the buttons were sewn up and we couldn't get the beehive through the neck hole! But we did give it a try!...............

After the shoot, our glam model was off to do some bits and pieces in preparation for university followed by a trip to the cinema, the clothes may have had to go back to the shops but the hair was to keep, and how glam does she look to head off for the day ahead? A trench coat and a satchel are such a perfect combination.

A glimpse at the final article

I've recently been sporting what I'm calling a quiffhive a lot recently, a beehive but with a quiff to the front. I'll get a better picture but here's one snapped on my iphone. It's a great style to add some extra height and whilst the lovely model for the photo shoot was 5'10 (before the beehive!) I'm only 5'2!

My Bargain £2 80s blouse which when worn with a skirt and victory rolls will look very 40s

Are you a fan of big hair?

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  1. Great hair and make up!

    I love big 60s and 70s hair. I usually backcomb to add volume to the back, then flip the fringe and flick the ends (as my hair is quite short). I used to beehive it when it was longer though.

  2. How fantastic! I love the model's hair and make-up, you did a fantastic job! x

  3. Oh gosh what a glamorous look!Love what you have done here, great set of clothes, the model looks wonderful.

  4. I love satchels too, obviously a very stylish student!

  5. Great blog, just found you via twitter. You obviously have a talent for hair and make-up. So many hairdressers (like me!) just want to run away at the thought of doing up-dos! Shame you can't come and work in our salon, we could do with a talented and creative stylist for hair ups. Let me know if you decide to move up North :)Kelsey

  6. I am a fan of big hair! Do you get a picture of you and your model next to each other? Would be the perfect way to show the glamour comes in all heights!


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