National Stockings Day!

What Katie Did stockings
Now I have no idea who decides these things, but I'm reliably informed by Kate - the lingerie guru behind one of my favourite brands What Katie Did , that today is National Stockings Day in the UK! Are you a stockings girl? Do you love a retro seam? Well if you can't get on with stockings, then the good thing is that What Katie did also sell seamed tights, which aren't very easy to find if you've ever tried shopping oin the high street for them. So just in case you feel like adding some retro seams to your wardrobe (and a seamed leg will add a vintage twist to pencil skirt and shirt that you bought on the high street or the supermarket) then you can cheat with tights and no-one will know...... unless you tell them!

If you want the look but also want to try and keep the nippy autumn air off your legs, then I have another cheat for you....wear a pair of nude tights, then wear a pair of seamed stockings over the top. This may make  trips the ladies a bit a bit of a faff, but gives you a fab retro look with an added layer between you and the elements as you wait for the bus etc! If you wan't something more opaque though, then these beautiful contrast seamed stockings have just gone on my wish list. Perfect for some vamp glamour at Halloween or for Christmas I think?

£12.50 What Katie Did
What Katie Did are now also working with the ridiculously beautiful Bernie Dexter so you can now buy Bernie's equally ridiculously beautiful 1950s inspired dresses from this online shop too. This post was purely going to be about stockings but I can't resist showing you this dress because it made me gasp when I saw it and I think you will love it too.......

Image of BD02 Bernie Dexter Osterley Winter Dress Product

                Happy National Stockings Day! Go forth and shake a leg!



  1. Oh no! I am just about to put my pjyamas on, and haven't worn either tights or stockings today. Bah! Maybe I'll make up for it tomorrow...

    LOVE that Christmas dress by the way, I have had my eye on it this week.

    Porcelina xx


  2. You clever thing! Nude tights under seamed stockings! Face to palm! Why oh why have I not thought of this sooner! I always feel much more glam and even confident when I'm wearing stockings and lipstick! I'm sure it would work with stockings over tights in the chilly months. Best of both worlds! Will be giving this a go.

  3. I love this brand too!

  4. I can't believe there's less than half an hour to go of this remarkable day. The only stockings I possess are hung at the end of my bed every Christmas Eve in the hope Father Christmas will believe I've been a good boy.

  5. Ah I had no idea there was such a day! I'm loving those black stockings with the red seam. Demure from the front and a fox from the back! ;)


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