Leg Talk : Stockings and Tights

The day of spooks, witches and gruesome ghouls........ Shall I tell you what else I think is really scary? This chilly air! Wowsers, it's got so cold in the UK. I made the error of going out without stockings or tights on the other day. Oh my dear lord, what a mistake! I was freeeezing! So the days of naked legs are over for 2012, but fortunately there are lots of ways to keep the nip away from direct contact whilst keeping our pins looking lovely. Now I'm not a huge fan of tights (I used to say this about stockings but am now a total convert) but there are times when sometimes only tights will do, so here's my selection of some brilliant tights and stockings to keep us going through the cooler months.

UK Tights £11.95 Glad I discovered this site. I've never seen coloured  stockings with a retro seam, so these tick lots of

New Look £4.99

What Katie Did £12.50

 Sock Shop Pretty Polly bow tights £10 (I was going to crop the 'cheeks' off  but have decided to leave them. We're all grown ups here aren't we..... snigger)

Tights Please £8.98 (I haven't purchased from this site, but the selection is HUGE) and it's free UK delivery

Are you a stockings or a tights girl?



  1. Well I'm a stockings convert too, but I do favour tights in the winter. I'm not a huge fan, but you're right. Sometimes only tights will do!

  2. OMG - Coloured seamed stockings, amazing! I should know by now if I can't find something to come and ask you! Keep these shopping style posts coming pretty please :)

  3. I just have to look at either of them and they ladder! I always used to go out with 2 spare pairs of tights in my handbag and by the end of the night I had laddered them as well as the pair I had on *sigh* I tend to stick to fishnets these days as it takes me longer to wreck them.

  4. Love the bow seamed tights, those are gorgeous!! You can never go wrong with a perfect pair of stockings though!

  5. I prefer coloured/patterned opaque tights in winter (and stockings or hold ups in warmer weather)- those colour stockings look very useful, sometimes the sheet black one usually gets doesn't quite do an outfit justice. Will deffo bookmark it!


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