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I know Halloween isn't such a big thing over here in the UK but if you do need an excuse to get dressed up (or eat suitable coloured cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks/cocktails) then 31st October is as good as any! Whether you're planning a party, a pub crawl, staying in to watch scary films or perhaps a comedy but you still fancy doing something other than carving a pumpkin, then what's available for you? Well how about a hat? No not a witches hat, something far more super stylish. 

Well the very clever Betsy of Sugar and Hatter has created something to keep us all looking chic and suitably Halloween like. I have several pieces from Sugar and Hatter, I even got married in one of Betsy Hatter's creations. They are not only gorgeous but light as a feather too, so blissful to wear. Indeed I once went to bed in a leopard print mini beret Betsy Hatter made (there's a confession!) it was so light I forgot I had it on! Vino may also have helped with this forgetfulness....... 

Bespoke made to order pumpkin cocktail hat £40 by Betsy Hatter
Other spooktastic goodies....

Ghost tea light candles £1 from Dot Com Gift Shop

Head scarf £6 by BooBoo Kitty Courture

Another UK designer well worth checking out for some simply brilliant Halloween related handmade jewellery and accessories is Dolly Cool

Heart skull cake necklace £8.50 by Dolly Cool

If you fancy printing your own free bunting then pop over to the House to Home website

Now I'm not in to scary films at all, when I was a teen (hello teenagers of the 90s!) I used to watch them all the time, we'd go round each others houses and make a real event of it. However these days I'm more of a Harry Potter kind of gal and whilst I keep promising myself I will read the books again (although having sobbed into my pillow at the last one, I'm not sure I want to go through that again!) I still haven't got round to it. However I do have the boxed set on DVD. I deliberately didn't go to the cinema to watch the last film as I just didn't want it to be over. In fact I only watched the final film last year. Yes I cried. Lots. I also wished I hadn't watched it because it really all did feel so final and over. Sigh. Big kisses to you JK Rowling for creating such a wonderful and magical way to escape. So you've probably guessed the next link is going to be to the wizard himself.... Harry Potter marathon anyone?

Harry Potter boxset £25.06 Amazon

If you fancy getting some corset action on then this is the last day to win a corset courtesy of Corsets UK which closes at midnight tonight! The giveaway is open worldwide so get entering for your chance to corset up for Halloween! I think this would look great with a zombie look. Burlesque girl goes bad..... or should that be rotten? I'm not up on zombie etiquette. I happy to stay that way...... However I'll be doing a sugar skull tutorial before Halloween if you fancy trying it out for your spooky nights out, so watch this space.

Enter the giveaway Click here for details



  1. I have one of Dolly Cool's necklaces - personalised with skulls. Super kitsch and cute!

  2. The wizarding world that J.K. Rowling creates is wonderful. Every so often I re-read them from The Philosophers Stone (or Sorcerers for our American friends) to The Deathly Hallows. The films are pretty darn good too, with a stellar British cast. I'm always ravenous at the feasts they consume in the Great Hall though. Still, I'm looking forward to the tasty treats during Halloween to fortify my empty stomach!

  3. I love Hallow'ene, I make a big fuss decorating the house for the kids and we all go out trick or treating and I enjoy it as much as they do. I don't do scary films though, I like watching stuff like 'Hocus Pocus' or 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'. That little pumpkin hat is so cute. xx


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