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How many bags do you have? Big ones, little ones, plain one and patterned ones, bags are one of those things we can get away with saying that we really need! One of my favourite shape is satchel style bags. I like that school geeky look. Whilst I long for an original fifties one, I also know that every single one I've found so far is too delicate to be used on a regular basis and are too old to carry the enormous amount of 'stuff' I need to have with me....... When I say need, you know what I mean....

If you too want to incorporate some satchel style in to your look without risking the life of a bag that could be sixty years old, then fortunately there's plenty of choice out there and with a range of colours, styles and prices hopefully there's something for all budgets and tastes. First up is a a bag that is high up on my Christmas list - because they'll even emboss the bag for you, meaning it can have an added personal touch not to mention the fact that The Cambridge Satchel Company also produce various sizes and colours - perfect for both sexes, I do love a boy with a satchel. It's a good look.

The Cambridge Satchel Company, prices start at £74
Dickens and Jones at House of Fraser £160 (was £185)
Radley at House of Fraser £199
River Island £28
New Look £19.99
Dorothy Perkins £42
Satchels could possibly be the perfect bag for the busy girl (or boy) about town. Sizable enough to carry an array of essentials, smart to look at, and using the shoulder strap means you're hands free. The other thing I like about a satchel is the security aspect, knowing that your purse etc is all safely secured away in a bag that you can do up is one less thing to worry about!

Happy shopping!


  1. I do love a good satchel. Now we are heading into Autumn (hurrah!) I am ditching my straw bags for my trusted Leather Satchel Co satchettes :)

  2. I totally agree- a satchel is a classic bag! For years I had longed for a nice battered (whilst not falling apart) satchel and spent my time desperately searching vintage shops and fairs for one such bag. In the end, I stumbled across The Leather Satchel Company via LandGirl1980's blog and fell in love! I now own one and look forward to spending the rest of my life wearing it in to soft, battered perfection! http://rosiealia.blogspot.co.uk/2011/05/jolly-good-satchel-called-burt.html x

  3. I like a satchel too. At the moment I have a canvass one from Cath Kidston (not a twee one- it's khaki with 'sewn on' patches of her floral designs like swimming badges!). I want a leather one though.


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