Lights, Camera, Corsets and Action!

Corsets have been gracing our television screens with a variety of period dramas and fantasy worlds for years. With the popularity of these programmes bringing to life historical novels, tales of eras long gone and worlds we’ll never know, the interest in corsets continues to increase. From demure mice like women to strong feisty warriors, corsetry is seen on characters from all social backgrounds. Whilst some dramas give us visual feasts of colour and decadence others show a more earthy way of life.One of the most colourful and visually divine displays of corsets I’ve seen in a television series is in Casanova. With David Tennant (yes Dr Who) playing a young Casanova we’re treated to a fast paced adventure of romance, heartbreak and corsets. When this was shown on TV back in 2005, I didn't manage to watch the whole series, thank the lord for DVDS! Having now caught up with what I missed, I'm in love. No, not with David Tennant (well a bit) but with all those beautiful corsets. 

With the glamour of the drama being based mainly in Venice, the visual impact is breath taking and beautiful, as colours of scarlet, emerald and sapphire dance across the screen in numerous Venetian balls. Being a fan of corsets myself, I'm partial to a splash of blue with some steel boning but now I'm lusting afters as many colours as I can possibly get my paws on and perhaps a good classic little black number too. Corsets are a beautiful piece of fashion and with Halloween and the Christmas party season coming up what better time to think about incorporating one in to your outfit? Never seeming to go out of fashion, corsets remain a classic piece of clothing candy and with the new remake of Anna Karenina hitting the cinema, corsets continue to play their part both on the big screen and the small one in our homes too.
What Katie Did £169.50
Corsets UK £60
Corsets UK £45 (Love, love, love the colour of this one)

    More corsets on the small screen

Xena: Warrior Princess – A futuristic action packed adventure series. With obvious inspiration from Roman times in the costumes, we’re treated to not very demure leather corsetry adorned with metal. Good inspiration if you don’t want to go for a classic burlesque look with your corset!

Moll Flanders – Based on the famous book which caused quite a stir when published in the eighteenth century, this TV series starring Alex Kingston as the leading lady, is a tale of survival and seduction. Corsets play a big part in both of those.

The Tudors – Corsets a plenty in an array of styles, colours and fabrics in this series that stars Jonathon Rhys Meyers as King Henry VIII. With six wives and all their varied staff there’s an abundance of corsetry to observe. There are some stunningly decadent corseted dresses at the many feasts and dances that feature in the series. 

So go forth and lace up!

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