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I was recently invited to take part in a blogger challenge to write about my favourite style of 20th century design. My first thought was where to even start?! So I've spent some time pondering it, and have concluded, that I have more than a fondness for an atomic leg. I'm more than a little keen on mid century home furnishings, and the atomic leg is in my opinion a bit of a classic style icon. With the 50s and 60s seeing furniture mass produced, there's still an abundance of mid century furniture out there. The classic black atomic leg supports all sorts of furniture and home accessories from dressing tables and drawers to coffee tables and planters. 

The fact that it's still easy to pick up second hand means that it's easy to add a touch of mid century style to your home and it doesn't have to be whole room of mid century style it could just be one piece, it's an easy style to mix and match with modern furniture. These sturdy vintage gems can be very functional too, as I write I'm sitting on the floor with the laptop on a footstool and my cup of tea on a side table. That's a total of seven atomic legs right next to me as I type! It's a rainy Monday and it's dull outside but I'm warmed by the fact that I'm kept company by two pieces of furniture that have had a lengthy life before they came to me and that they can still be used every day.

The availability of such items also means that you can pick pieces up that aren't too expensive either, the total cost of my footstool and my table comes to £27! So it's a design classic that can be afforded by everyone - does it get any better than that?

My coffee table. Looking at my legs? Cheeky! 

The style of the atomic leg continues to influence large and small designers and manufacturers to this day, so even if you don't go down the second hand route or you have a big budget to spend, you can still get that vintage/retro look with a brand new item. The mid-century atomic leg is not only a design classic for the home, it's a design classic for the people. There endeth my declaration of love for the atomic leg! 

Modern sofa with a mid century influence from made.com

This is my entry into Little Greene's 20th Century Design competition. Find out more at: http://www.littlegreene.com/retro


  1. That is a tough one to answer but I'm liking your choice and the reasons behind it.

  2. I really like that you've picked a style that we could all own if we wanted. I think you sold the legs very well! I'm a poor student, and love the 50s, so I'll be looking out for some items with some atomic action :)Sharnie


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