Bye Bye Summer, Hello Brogues

Feels like autumn non? I did see a weather report in August that promised a scorching September, yes we've had a few nice days but really, it pretty much feels like autumn has arrived. It certainly looked like it the other morning as I was on one of my 'got to get from A to B and haven't left enough time' missions. Still, I did decide I had time to sit in the middle of the pavement to take a picture of the fallen leaves.........

So it's finally time to hang up my peep toes I think, and soon it will become too chilly to wear ballet pumps and deck shoes, unless they're paired with stockings or tights then you might get away with it on a dry day but let's take and educated guess and predict a wet autumn shall we?! So what's a girl to do? I'm always rushing around, I love my Converse but sometimes they just won't do. I quite like mixing something like  converse with a smart pair of trousers, but  normally I want/need something a bit smarter, and I wasn't blessed with ankles so shapely that I can actually get away with converse and a skirt. So I find a good autumn/winter shoe is a brogue. Always a good classic choice for the well dressed chap about town, but also a pretty good wardrobe basic for us ladies too. They're so versatile and once again they are all over the highstreet so whatever your budget there's bound to be something for you out there. What would you wear yours with?

Marlene Deitrich looking amazing, will you wear yours with a trouser suit?

Whilst a good classic brown or black is always a useful colour to have in your shoe collection, the popularity of this shoe style means that all kinds of colours and designs are available, so this classic style shoe can be used to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Useful if your dark days wardrobe consists of lots of black or you're just not that in to coloured clothing. Also good is that brogue style boots are available in an abundance  of colours and if you really, really can't give up the heels then you can still do the brogue too!


Left to right : Debenhams £30  John Lewis £119   Marks and Spencer £69

Left to right: Debenhams £85  Van Dal £85  Amazon £18.95 (was £22.95)

WOW Factor

If your budget is a bit higher and you're looking for something extra extra special then do take a look at this site www.englishshoemaker.co.uk. The shoes are hand made by shoemaker and designer Peter Bullock and come in amazing colours! I haven't purchased from this website before but at £145 for these ones, it seems like a pretty good price for a pair of leather hand made shoes that will be a real talking piece to your wardrobe. Other colours available are pinks, purple and a rather gorgeous high gloss red! (Which I'm a little in lust with)  Well worth a look, even if it means you'll need to do a bit of saving or add these to your Christmas list! There's also a lovely biog on the shoemaker himself too, so if you love shoes, I think you'll enjoy browsing this site.

Peter Bullock ladies brogues £145

Happy shopping!



  1. I love brogues but with size 8 feet I always feel like they make me look manly :(

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How bloody gorgeous are those hand made shoes?! They look like they would cost so much more than that.Bit early for me to be thinking about xmas, but you just made me start a wish list!

  3. Cor blimey, what a selection you have found for us here! Love that last pair, wow factor indeed.£145 feels like a lot, but when you think of the craftsmanship - it actually doesn't feel much at all. Leather shoes are a mare to break in, but once you have they are so comfy. Loving the two tone blue.

  4. I'm the same as Roxie, I feel they look much cuter on small feet. I love the ones with a heel but as I'm tall I don't like too high a heel either! I like the boot versions the best for myself to wear. xx

  5. Self perception is a funny thing because I also think my feet sometimes look big in certain shoes including converse and brogues - but I'm only a 4 or a 5 so they can't possibly look big!

  6. OMG. I think I have just died and gone to heaven - that blue two-tone pair are calling out to me! I'm looking for a good pair of brogue boots, thank you for including those in this really excellent post. (And I couldn't care less if my feet look big, when the shoes are that cool - who needs cute!!)

  7. I may need to quit my converse - my feet got SOAKED today! Time to get out the boots. I'm another one who feels my feet are too big for brogues.

  8. I love my brogues from Primark - they have lasted me 3 years so far :D


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