Norwich Body Art Festival 2012

This month saw the annual Body Art Festival return to Norwich for it's fourth year. With a day pass costing just £10 I thought I'd pop along and have a look as I've never been to one before. I only have one tattoo, but have been wanting another for years now. What's stopped me? Well it's a little bit the pain, but it's mainly the money. I'll get round to it one day, in the meantime I shall continue to be fascinated by other peoples. The event seemed to attract a mixture of people and a variety of age ranges. Good if like me, you like to people watch.

The weather on the day of the event was sweltering, the festival was held in a listed medieval hall, that's commonly used for vintage fairs in Norwich. I wasn't sure how it would be set up for a tattoo festival, but expected a choir of tattoo guns and I wasn't wrong. On entering the hall, the buzz of the guns and the heat hit me straight away. There were lots of people who unlike me, had obviously saved their pennies for this event. There were tattoos being inked on various body parts. Many seemed to be seemed to be in no pain at all - in fact several people were on their iphones as the tattooist worked!

There was a full line up of entertainment but it really was so hot, that I feared at one point I might faint so I had to dip out of the main hall for a while which annoyingly means I missed a few acts that looked quite interesting. Luckily the Curious Party were there with their tearoom. It was the best kind of tearoom as they were serving gin and tonic in teapots. Believe me when I say I NEEDED that teapot, I really did. The bar was packed as people opted for pints, but for me there was only one thing that would quench my thirst.

I was also reviewing this event for the Vintage Norwich website so high five to me for finding a way to combine work with gin! I've tried for many years to do this, but my pleas for a mini bar in the office have always gone ignored. Boooo to that. The acts I did manage to see were fab, including a gorgeous burlesque performer - I just love burlesque, I'd never be brave enough to do it so I have full admiration for those that do. Unfortunately DSLR cameras weren't allowed to be used - but there's always the trusty iphone, which is better than nothing!

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  1. I'm a vintage vixen, and a bearer of body art too! Come over to my place and wander around some time.


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