Holiday Jaunts Part 2

Earlier in the week I explained that week two of my holiday was slightly more glam, although I can't lie, we did miss all that walking up in the hills, the change of scenery was really just what the doctor ordered. But week two of our staycation saw us back home and going out and about. What a scorcher of a week! After a week of being in t-shirt and jeans, I was so ready to get out the summer skirts and hair flowers.

On this particular day I accidentally pinned my quiff quite tight - so I felt like I'd given myself a slight face lift! Sadly just on one side - I must try and crack this technique for both sides! Notice my lovely t-shirt tan, brown arms and milky white shoulders. You may also note that the boobage is a little pointy, this is due to my Triumph bra - a post on bras is to follow.

Our first stop was the cinema to see Ted! Oh my gosh, it's funny, bonkers and has elements of a chick flick. Totally bizarre. Very outrageous. What snacks does a classy film like this need to accompany it? Why a bottle of sauvignon blanc and a packet of goats cheese and pepper popcorn of course darling!

I recently bought this gorgeous 80s M&S skirt from a charity shop for 50p! I love it, it's just the perfect length for a shortie like me. I've been wearing it a lot, mainly with a 50s summer style influence. This gorgeous basket bag was reduced from £12 to £6 in Primark. It's my absolute fave at the moment. I wish I'd bought another one for when this wears out. Which it inevitably will, as I'm using it all the time!

Skirt 50p - Charity Shop. Vest top - George/Asda. Bag- Primark
Shoes - Tesco

My hair style preference is to wear it down, with a victory roll or a quiff, perhaps a hair flower for a splash of decoration, but the weather just got so so hot that I wore it pin up style most of the week. Which is most unlike me, but I created a style I ended up falling a bit in love with. We went to see a friend who was starring in a play at a local theatre, I haven't seen him for ages and I'm not sure if the last time was a massive karaoke session or Come Dine with me style dinner party, either way there would have been much vino involved so I was keen to play at being grown ups (just for once) and watch him tread the boards. Biased as I am I thought he was wonderful.

What did I wear? Well I picked up this beautiful cotton dress in a charity shop for under £4. It's home made so not easy to date, but form the stitching and the style it could be 60s - but it's quite plain dress, so with no obvious pattern or detail to try and date it's tricky. But either way, it's 50s style and I think it's quite Mad Men.  It creases easily due to the fabric, but I'm not to precious about it. I spent the evening sitting down so it's to be expected. I teamed it up with a gorgeous black belt which was another charity shop bargain and a pair of black courts. Belts are worn under the bust are a brilliant way to emphasize the smallest part of your torso and lengthen your legs.

Dress - charity shop. Belt - charity shop. Shoes - New Look

Not the best angle of my legs! However these shoes are great and I have them in red too. They are actually in the wide fit range, but I wear them with an innersole and they are fine. Reasonably comfy too.  New Look £19.99
I love creating height with a quiff. At 5' 2 on a good day, a quiff and a pair of heels are a good way to give me some extra inches. Of course if everyone else has done the same then I will always still be the smallest in the photographs. Sigh. I'll do a tutorial on this hair as it's super easy but very effective and easy to dress with accessories too.

Not the greatest picture, but just to give you another angle on the hair. Taken in the loo of the theatre. It's really glam being a blogger don't you know... worryingly the light  makes my skin as yellow as the walls...
I did manage to catch a post show drink with my friend, star and darling of the boards Steven.
I used to love drama at school, being at the theatre seriously made me think about giving it a whirl again, or may be even helping behind the scenes with the hair and make up, as a qualified hairdresser and make up artist it would be lovely to be able to volunteer those skills for the shows. I'm just so time poor at the moment, it's always a juggling act to get through my current work...... I might pop that idea to one side for the moment and see if I can get better at managing my time! If you have killer tips for time management and being organised, then let me know! I'm always open to new ideas.

There were a few more events in the week (this was not a lazy holiday at all) but they were so good they deserve posts of their own. So those will follow! Are you having a staycation this year or are you leaving on a jet plane?



  1. So thanks for sharing some of your holiday moments - with the lovely pictures there's plenty for us boys too!

    Still trying to make up my mind about Ted though.

  2. Wow your hair is fab, please show us how to do that! I'm sure the theatre would snap you up. Do you do wedding hair? If so I'll suggest my friend gets in touch with you x Jenny

  3. Lovely colour dress, suits you. Hope the weather lasts so we can keep wearing the summer skirts etc.

  4. I'm not doing wedding hair at the moment Jenny, but that might be something that will change so watch this space, as part of The Historical Sauces I do hair parties where we teach you how to create some vintage inspired hair (and make up too is an option.

    We can cater for hen parties so do visit historicalsauces.com for more details - if you have any questions just ask.



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