Holiday Jaunts Part 1

Hello! I'm back from my holiday, so unless I die under a mountain of post it notes that are piling up as I attempt to catch up with having two weeks off, normal service shall resume! Hoorah!

Seems like you enjoyed the guest posts about letter writing and colouring your hair that I lined up for you in my absence. Well, I hope you've all had a good August so far. I can assure you I haven't been lounging around forgetting you all. Amazingly whilst I was catching my breath following a climb up a steep hill ( They call them hills, I think they are more like mountains!) I had a few thoughts for the blog. Having put lots of effort to get to the the top of that hill, I pondered how I can make it less effort for you to all read about my vintage world and how I can try and make it effortless for you to all gain inspiration for your own vintage inspired worlds, so I have a few changes I'll be making to the blog over the next week or so in an attempt to hopefully give you more of what you seem to like!

Enough of the riddles/cryptic chit chat, what else have I been up to? Well I climbed lots of hills. Did I mention that? Lots of HUGE hills! We went to Shropshire and expecting the weather to be awful we even bought the boxed set of Mad Men, however the weather gods were in fact in high spirits and the weather was glorious so we were able to go out adventuring, which resulted in us pretty much living like cheese and wine eating mountain goats for a week!

We climbed hills, rocks and jumped streams and it was absolutely wonderful! If your idea of a perfect holiday is snoozing by the pool and only going in to float to the bar, then I realise that my holiday probably sounds like hell! However I loved it! My leopard print peep toes were swapped for something much more practical.......

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing these North Face shoes are, I took some convincing because they are not my usual thing as you know but goodness, they are so comfortable and without them all that walking and climbing just wouldn't have been possible! If you follow me Instagram you may have seen me show you these shoes over the last few months as I've been doing monster walks of between 8-15 miles at a time in them on a regular basis.

I used to run but my knees now really feel it the next day, so I'm doing lots of walking as it's less impact but I'm actually doing a lot more miles. Mainly because because these shoes are so fabulous. No painful, burning feet when you get to the end. In fact, many times I've been so energised, that despite doing over ten miles, I've got home and then walked to the shop for milk because my feet are still good to go! So if you do want to take up an exercise don't rule out walking; the health benefits are brilliant and if you do it with a friend you can chat at the same time too. Invest in some decent footwear though, your feet and your joints will thank you!

I appreciate this doesn't make it look that high but at times it felt like we were walking in the sky! Always good to find a pub at the end of the walks, and with it being quite warm I need to wear my hair up so most of the week was spent wearing a quiff and a bandanna! Here I am cooling off with a much needed cider, my post workout face isn't so great so brace yourselves......

No winged eyeliner, it took me a few days to get used to seeing my eyes without their signature wings, but hot and sweaty (how glam) doesn't really work with a face full of make up. The week was mainly spent in jeans and stripy tops. I still can't get enough of the nautical look. Throwing on a stripy t-shirt is such an effortless way to add a vintage inspired twist to your look. I was quite sad to come home, it was such a lovely place and whilst climbing those hills and walking for miles was at times exhausting, the sense of achievement once you've done it is a huge thrill!

I did get a chance to have a look through the charity shops in the town we stayed in and I scooped up two early 80s brilliant dresses from The Sue Ryder shop for £1.95 each. I'll style them quite 50s, the skirt could take a small petticoat, but I think I'll probably put a nice belt with them. Polyester haters might want to look away  now........

I haven't worn them yet so a proper outfit post is still to follow, but cute no? I know polyester isn't the most breathable fabric, but it's easy to care for and I have lots of polyester dresses, when you have much boobage, material with some give in it is a godsend! So that's week one of the holiday. Week two had more glamorous moments..... so I'll save those for later in the week.


  1. You were near me! You look very cute relaxing in the pub and let the haters hate Polyester, all the more for us! x

  2. SCORE!! on those frocks :) And yes, you cannot beat proper footwear for walking :)

  3. What bright, spotty dresses and so cool to have a matching pair. I quite like polyester - it dries so fast and it doesn't need ironing so you can just chuck it on. I don't think it fades either.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your trip too.

    Nikki x

  4. Blimy, you look better than me after a bracing walk! Very cool and collected. I do love a walking holiday.

  5. It was a great holiday, the scenery was lovely.

    Vix we stayed in a nice little village (I hink they call them selves a town - but it's little) called Church Stratton.


  6. Your holiday looks and sounds amazing, and the pic of you in the pub is lovely! Thanks for the tip about the walking boots, I've been planning to buy myself my first pair but they can be so expensive I don't want to make a mistake and buy a pair that hurt or that I really hate wearing because of how they look, especially on my big feet! I love walking but I've never done any serious walking, I've been thinking of joining my local Rambler's Association but I've no idea what I'd be getting myself into!xx

  7. @cityscape, they can be but I can't even begin to describe the difference they make.They really make such a difference and if you have comfy feet everything a lot more fun!


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