Guest Post - Modern Colours meets Vintage Hair

Hello! I'm back with you later in the week, but in the mean time here's a guest post from the lovely Jess, the face behind Cupcakes by Jess to start the week off! Jess absolutely rocks coloured hair and sports a mean victory roll. Jess has kindly written a guest post about her gorgeous locks.

Modern Colours meets Vintage Hair

When Missy Vintage said she would like some guest bloggers, I was up for the challenge, even
though I had no idea what to write about! She then suggested the most obvious thing about me;
my hair. I do tend to forget the fact that my hair is bright turquoise. I’ve had moments when people
have started at me in the street and I’ve been thinking “What’s their problem?” until I remember my

I’ve had it turquoise for almost a year and I recently bleached a streak in the front to spice things
up a bit! Before this it was blue with purple running through it, and before that it was bright pink.
My natural colour is that horrible mousey blonde, so I’ve been having highlights for as long as I can
remember! I’ve wanted blue hair for years but with strict school rules and then strict employment
rules, it was only until 2011 that I actually dyed my hair a crazy colour.

The staring in the street isn't helped by the fact that it’s normally coiffed in vintage styles. I’ve had
victory rolls, poodles, beehives, you name it., and I often wear a bandanna or hair flower. My personal
favourite is a fresh set with a hair flower or, if it hasn’t been washed for a while, a beehive with a
roll in my fringe. 

As my hair is bleached, it is incredibly easy to style but has the awful problems of
frizziness and flyaways that I have just learnt to accept. “But Jess!” I hear you cry, “This is all very well, but how can I have bright vintage styled turquoise hair?!” Well, I am about to tell you!

Firstly, you need fresh porous hair, so you’ll need to bleach it. I tend to do my hair myself, but
it is always good to have someone help you with the bleach as it’s very easy to miss parts! I use
Jerome Russell BeBlonde as it doesn’t have all this built in waterproof stuff that sometimes makes
it harder for the colour to take. Always follow the instructions for the bleach as it’s potent stuff
and everyone’s hair reacts differently. Once the bleach has taken, wash it out with just shampoo, no
conditioner, and leave it wet while you apply the colour.

I use Directions colour, which can be bought from little independent beauty shops and head
shops, or you can buy it online. You don’t tend to find it in bigger beauty stores as it’s not
really “conventional”. All the colours are gorgeous but I love to mix them! My pink was a mixture
of “Rubine” and “Poppy Red”. My blue was “Turquoise” with a purple made from “Turquoise”
and “Poppy Red”. My blue/green/turquoise/teal is a mixture of “Turquoise” and “Apple Green”.

Now it says to leave it on for 15 minutes on the tub, but I usually leave mine on for an hour. I have
even heard of people sleeping in it (but I can imagine that would get quite messy!) As it’s a natural
stain, it doesn’t damage your hair and the longer you leave it, then the longer the dye gets a chance
to soak through. I apply my colour by sectioning it and working from the bottom up. Once I’m done,
I wrap my head in clingfilm. It makes me look like an alien but it allows the heat from your head to
open up the hair follicles and allows the colour to be absorbed.

When it’s done, I then give my scalp a good scrub and rinse my hair until I’m sure all the dye is off.(Don’t wait until the water runs clear – this just means you’ve washed away all your hard work!) It is a semi-permanent colour, so it will fade. As I only wash my hair once or twice a week (thank goodness for dry shampoo!) my colour lasts for a good couple of months. Now you need to style it! There are some great blogs and YouTube videos that can teach you how to do some brilliant vintage styles and, as your hair is now bleached, you should be able to do most of them as it will be very manageable. 

I was going to list some but as I haven’t tried and tested any, I wouldn't know how reliable they were! My styles are mainly by trial and error. I see a style I like and then have a play around, recreating it until I get it right. As long as you know how to make a pin curl (wrap a section of hair around your finger, roll up and then pin) then you’ll be sorted!

Now, that’s my little tutorial over, so I’ll leave you with some handy hints:

  • Remember to apply Vaseline around the hairline to prevent you from dying your skin.
  • If you do get any on your skin, face wipes do a superb job at getting it off!
  • Don’t panic when your hair runs in the shower. It will! It’s semi-permanent so it will fade with every wash.
  • I re-dye mine when it fades to a candyfloss colour and I re-bleach my roots when they generally bad. Try not to bleach it too often as it’s really bad for your hair and it won’t forgive you!
  • Try to use a colour shampoo to keep it nice and bright, I find TreSemme’s works really well, and Aussie’s 3-minute intense colour conditioner is perfect for rejuvenating frazzled hair while protecting your colour!
  • Invest in a tint brush, a mixing bowl and disposable gloves as this will make life so much easier! For the first week or so, your hair will run in the rain, so be sure to have an umbrella if it looks drizzly!
  • Don’t forget to wear old clothes and move any towels or bath mats that you don’t want to dye!
  • If you do get and colour on the floor or sink, shower spray does a good job at getting it off.
  • Don’t forget, this is a big commitment! Bleach can be very hard and expensive to reverse, so make sure you’re committed!

You can visit Jess at her website Cupcakes by Jess and you can also say hello on Facebook and Twitter

I'd also just reiterate Jess's advice about being committed. Bleach is very harsh on your hair, it shouldn't be used at home lightly. It's NOT the same as a home dye that you buy in a box - it's strong stuff and if it goes wrong it can leave you with hair as stringy as bubble gum (until it dries and breaks!) So follow the instructions and don't bleach your hair at home unless you're confident! If in doubt go to the hairdresser!  Missy Vintage X


  1. What a fab read! I love your turquoise hair and eyebrows, Jess. You look brilliant. x

  2. I love colours like this, but am scared of bleaching my hair. I'm considering a much brighter red...will be on mat leave soon so any awful results can be hidden from most people!

  3. You look fabulous in turquoise and your rolls are perfect. My hair is partly pink at the moment but I prefer it green. Your post makes me want to redye it right now :)

  4. Lovely hair! I too am a bright haired lady - but I swear by Manic Panic (and Manic Panic Amplified) as it doesn't leak in the rain or in the shower, unless the water is really hot.

    I leave mine on overnight too, its fine if you wear a shower cap! Lasts for waaaay longer. I have to wash mine almost every day, and it still lasts for a few months.

    My hair is dark brown so I have to bleach, but generally when my roots start to get bad I'll swap to a dark blue for a bit so they're hidden ;)

    I don't find my hair gets damaged from dying, but then I don't use straightens, hairspray etc so I'm sure that helps!

    I keep meaning to do a tutorial blog post on hair dying, this post has inspired me to get around to it so I can share all my tips too :D

  5. Lovely post! I used to have bright pink hair styled vintage-y too! It's a great, eye catching accessory!

  6. As a professional, I can't not say how incredibly risky it is to bleach your own hair. But I'm not against it. Correcting kitchen color has supported my shoe addiction for years. But seriously, if you can afford to have your color done professional - for the love of god - do it. Oh, one more thing: heat can not open hair follicles. Follicles are inside your scalp, it's what your hair grows out of. The cuticle, however, covers the hair shaft like shingles on a roof. And every time you bleach over it, it's like pelting your roof with tiny explosives. Just saying...


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