Guest post: Bring back ''Snail Mail''

If you follow my jaunts on Facebook, you'll know that I'm currently on much needed hols. I've been working crazily hard lately with all my various plans and activities, so to keep you amused whilst I play in the sun and consume gin on a daily basis I have a guest post for you. ( What do you mean that's nothing new?! We don't get sunny days every day!)

The Fabulous Miss K ( she is indeed fabulous by name and fabulous by nature) has kindly written a super post for us about the lost art of letter writing.

With emails, texting and social media being the way we seem to contact each other these days, I was really pleased that due to recent events I have received quite a few "proper" letters in the post and although it was painful to read them they were heartfelt and kind, something that isn't the same expressed in an email or text.One of the letters I received was from my Mum's penpal Lee, who was of course saddened at my loss but reminded me that they had been corresponding since they were teenagers during the war and letters of  - births, marriages and family news continued for decades and it is one tradition that I will endeavour to keep up with by sending proper written letters and post cards to Lee and her family.

Many of us don't even send postcards from our holidays anymore - just post a few pictures on Facebook but one of the joys before instant messaging was getting a snapshot of where in the world your friends were and the "wish you were here" greeting! There is something lovely about hearing an envelope fall on the mat, and finding  something that is not a  bill but heavy embossed paper with a stamp rather than a frank.
So many moments in history have been captured in a letter, battles won and lost, great loves blossomed, and occasions celebrated - think of the letters of Wallis to Edward, Churchill to his Clemmie, and many many more.

As  a child I was made to sit down and write "thank you notes" for presents and parties, and it is something that I try to do now although time does get the better of me and I have lapsed into the ease of sending emails.
I keep a stack of notelets, postcards and my favourite Smythsons pink or grey notecards with a little motif on them so whenever I need to say thank you for something, I have them on hand. And so I'm going to pull them out and start again to send notes to friends, invite people to lunch or drinks party's keep up a family tradition. (My Mum was a great letter writer - to newspapers, friends, family and loved ones).When my Hubby and I have our annual Summer Party I always send out hand made invites as it is so much nicer that an email popping into your inbox or an event on FB.

So lets bring back the art of writing proper letters even if it is just a note to say "thinking of you" or "thank you for dinner", it is so easy to ping over an email or text but not half as much fun - it doesn't take too long and sitting down over a cup of tea, reading a few words that someone has taken the time to write and send is a joy and makes the day just a little more special.

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  1. I love letter writing. I was brought up to write thank you letters when I reecived a gift, or had attended a party or event which had involved an invitation. I used to also have kids' magazines and wrote to a penpal from one of those.
    I still write letters to this day, to uni friends I wish to keep in touch with, and a lot of other people I've met (some I haven't yet) through blogging and twitter.

  2. I'd love to have a pen pal as such that I could write actual letters too! Using nice stationary and cards! I miss getting post that is not bills or boring stuff!

  3. I get so excited when I receive a letter (that isn't a bill or junk mail!) It's definitely an art that needs to be brought back!

  4. I have been a proper pen and paper letter writer since I was 12 and have penpals around the world. I LOVE it :)

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