Friday Night Cocktails, Glamour....and Cider

The last Friday of my holiday was spent with some lovely friends. We are so lucky in Norwich that we have such an amazing vintage scene, and it's an honour and a privilege to not only work with some brilliant people, but to be able call them my friends too. The very Fabulous Miss K who also runs Blue Skies Vintage Events has started a new night in Norwich called Blue Skies Lounge which offers a relaxed evening in one of Norwich's oldest buildings which is now a cafe/bar called Olive's (this is also The Historical Sauces HQ and where we do our hair and make-up classes)

With forties music played by DJ Graham, who handily happens to be Karen's husband the lights are dimmed, the cocktails are good and the atmosphere is chatty, but calm. Not a manic noisy night out, this is an evening to catch up with friends, chat to new people and tap your feet to some wonderful tunes. Despite it being a forties inspired evening, the dress code is really just about getting dolled up in your glam togs, so forties style is not compulsory and whilst I love a good iconic victory roll, I have really been embracing my fifties style a lot lately so I wore a navy blue Stop Staring dress and my hair up pin up style. Encouraged by the fact it's been so hot and humid, I've been wearing my hair up in a quiff and a big messy bun a lot, in an effort to embrace some glamour and attempt to stay cool.

Dress - Stop Staring  . Shoes - New Look
(Now, I have to confess that this outfit picture was taken at the end of the night, so no care has been taken to remove the door mat from the shot and we had to take several as I had the alcohol giggles)

My hairstyle of choice for these hot days and evenings

The dress I'm wearing was actually the one I got married in. I love having a dress I can wear again, I really like the cut of the Stop Staring Dresses, they are not cheap this one was about £130 - but they are such classic styles and feel amazing to wear, if you have a special event or occasion coming up (hello Christmas....) these are well worth looking at. I've worn this several times and every time I've been told how lovely it is and asked where it's from. This came from a UK stockist Stop Traffic Clothing.

A few cocktails were very much enjoyed, it was such a warm evening the humidity was quite tropical. The night was turning in to quite a soiree, the venue isn't the biggest space in the world but that makes it all feel like a somewhat intimate affair which encourages strangers to easily strike up conversation at the bar, compliment outfits and the like. Whilst I can't dance (lessons didn't work out, long story!) There were some there who could and we were treated to some fantastic demonstrations that as always left me wishing I could do that!

We headed home and then decided just one more drink would be good....so as you do when you're dressed up in your best pin up attire, we popped in to our local with me slightly over dressed and ended the night watching a brilliant band called Them Harvey Boys. I've seen them a few times now and they do the best version of Viva Las Vegas ever. Yes ever! Sorry Elvis....

Cocktails were swapped for cider and by the end of the night I had hops in my hair from where I was standing on the bench to take pictures of the band as they played their way around the entire pub. I'm currently addicted to Instagram and will quite often record my activities using it, so feel free to follow me there too, my username is missyvintage. All in all a quifftastic evening. Cheers!


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  1. Just discovered I wasn't following your blog. How is that even possible?!?

    Anyway, I know this is an old post but I stumbled across it and just had to tell you have AMAZING you look in this dress. The full length photo is stunning, even if it was the end of the night. I'm hoping I might make it to Blue Skies on Friday...xx


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