Return of the Mac

Return of the mac? I'm sure it's never really gone away, especially not with the weather we're having in the UK right now. A good classic rain mac has become a wardrobe essential. Practical but stylish and should the temperatures suddenly rise, which at the moment the seem to do so by the hour, then you can easily throw it over your arm and carry it without too much faff. Some will be rain proof, others just drizzle proof but either way they are a practical piece of kit and look just as fab over a dress, as they do when teamed with a pair of skinny jeans and a T shirt.

I adore my mac, for all of the reasons mentioned above. I bought it a few years ago from Primark and it's served me well indeed.



So if you have the urge to or the need to invest in a coat suitable for our temperamental summer or dare I say it warm autumn days.... then a good neutral coloured mac is a great wardrobe investment. New or vintage? They do quite often pop up in charity shops, so well worth keeping your eyes peeled. We all know charity shop prices can vary but you should be able to pick a good one up and have change from a tenner. (it's probably not going to be a Burberry - unless you're REALLY lucky) Of course what your budget is for such an investment is your decision.....

La Redoute £18 (was £35)

Miss Selfridge petites £65

For a twist on a classic I absolutely *love* this cape. Lots.

La Redoute £75

Topshop £79

And if you've hundreds to spend?............... then you could invest in the Daddy (or should that be the Mummy??) of macs which is of course a Burberry.

Burberry £895




  1. Oh dear, I finally bought a mac and could not resist a leopard print one. Bit of a neutral go with everything mac fail on my part!

  2. I'm sure it's quite all right for you girls, but as much as I would like a mac myself I get the distinct impression that in the eyes of many people today the garment - when worn by a chap - is associated with, ahem, flashers. Or Inspector Gadget.

  3. Here in Canada we call this a trench coat. Now what does mac stand for?

    1. Macintosh­čśŐ

  4. hi there i just found your blog, its fabulous, i love vintage too, im trying to get myself a nice wardrobe of it but wow it costs a lot, i love this topshop mac i actually saw it in the window just the other day and it really is gorgeous, pity im broke at the moment!!! Would youlike to follow each other? You look fabulous i love the dresses and coat, really great styling. have a good week hope you get some nice sunshine, kisses from dublin xxx leonie

  5. wow gorgeous macs, I love them, and also, I adore vintage

    am following you, I hope you can follow me too hopefully


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