Decked Out for Summer

When I started planning this post I was thinking boats, perhaps not Cannes but I do live minutes away from the river so whilst sailing the ocean waves was never on the cards, prancing next to the river should have been. But this is Britain and why should it be sunny? In summer? Hmmm. So instead I bring you one pair of shoes and several different outfits. Probably for the best the post has worked out this way, as I was once quite sea sick on a pedalo. It *could* have been the rum punches, but I’m sure it was actually the sea….

So if I can’t do boats and truthfully, I really don’t think they are for me….. can I still do nautical? Of course, in fact I love it. I’m barely out of stripes at the moment, if you’ve seen me in real life (I’m real!) over the last few weeks you will have noticed that I am loving the nautical look come rain or shine. You may also have seen me whizzing around in these –

Now I both love and require a good flat shoe. I’m always on the go and whilst I do have great affection for a beautiful heel, I’m often walking out and about so heels just aren’t a practical option. Just because I like to wear flats most of the time I still want them to be stylish AND practical. So I’ve been trying out these navy deck shoes with various pieces of my wardrobe and they’ve proven to be a very versatile ‘go to’ piece of footwear.

Bit of a preppy look with a nautical silk headscarf for a roackabilly twist.

50s pin up hair and candy stripes, some one hand me a cocktail. With an umbrella.

One of my favourite kinds of looks. 80s does 40s. 

More stripes. 

Picnic essentials, blanket to sit on, jacket to keep the chill away and shoes suitable for running for shelter!
These particular ones are by Chatham Marine, and are the Atlantis model (are shoes models? They should be!) They don’t just cater for us gals either,so chaps you  can also work the nautical look this summer! Like any decent pair of leather shoes, they do need to be broken in, but they are incredibly soft to wear making them comfy, stylish and practical, so some essential boxes ticked there for me!

*written in collaboration with Chatham.co.uk



  1. These look great! Some great outfits there, I think I like the first picture best, the whole scarf, blazer, satchel and shoes really work - and if I's seen them all separately I'm not sure I'd have thought it! I'm obviously just going to have to be braver with how I mix and match!

  2. I keep looking at this style of shoe wondering what I can wear them with other than wide leg trousers, you've given me quite a few ideas so may have to go and buy some boat shoes now! Casey

  3. I travel a lot so I like to have a pair of shoes that work with lots of different outfits!

  4. I too like a good pair of flats :) You are rocking these my friend ;)

  5. Love the shoes.

    That preppy look (the 1st one) is AMAZING! LOVE it! The perfect balance of smart and practical.

  6. They look great, I'm looking for a nice pair of flat shoes :)

  7. They look fantastic! I love how you've styled them, especially in that last ensemble, gorgeous! x


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