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Of course the ultimate sunny day accessory is errmmm.... sun. We're certainly not getting much of that in the UK at the moment, but should we dare to hope for sun over the next few months, yes even in July and August, then I fear we may lose our senses and go marauding around in it like teenagers on their first holiday without the folks. So should we get the chance to frolic, loll, snooze etc in the sunshine it would be wise to keep our heads, and our hats (see what I did there?)

So lets have a look at ways to keep us looking cute. Lobsters are indeed delicious but let's face it they are not cute, so eating them I'm fine with, looking like one? Well...... I'm just not okay with that at all. I haven't always been so aware of sun damage, I could tell you many disgusting tales of being a teenager and peeling like wall paper and sunbeds in my twenties. Oh dear lord, I've had many years of sun worshipping but those days are truly over. So how do you stay cool? 

Do you have a favourite style of hat? Do you prefer a headscarf? I tend to reach for my straw trilby, it doesn't really go with a lot of my wardrobe, and I always think I'll get a dramatic wide brimmed hat, but still haven't, as you know I'm not someone who has to have everything to match or coordinate.  If you do feel like taking a gamble on the sun coming out to play and buying some new accessories then there's a lot of choice for quite a range of budgets. Fancy something quite bold to make a statement like Diana Rigg's? Or do you prefer a floppy wide brim?

John Lewis £45

Gap £18.95

Oasis £7
New Look £11.99

House of Fraser £29

Something I'd love to invest in is a parasol, not the most practical thing if you need to carry bags, picnic baskets etc but they are just so pretty! I've discovered this UK based website that has these gorgeous designs, I just need to decide which one!

Brollies Galore £12.99

Brollies Galore £12.99
If you do fancy a little golden glow then I have to say that the best moisturiser with built in tan I've tried, and I'm fairly sure I've tried them all is... Garnier Summer Body. I'm careful in the sun now, but I still like a little glow of a tan sometimes. I avoid fake tans and just stick to gaining a gentle glow when I desire it, by using this moisturiser a day or two before an event or special occasion etc. The reason I prefer this brand to the others is it smells really really nice even after it's been on a while, it's very moisturising and it doesn't streak - although you do still need to exfoliate prior to application and wash your hands well afterwards - including in between your fingers! I'm including it in this post as I've just discovered it's currently half price in Boots at the moment making it just £2.55 a bottle. A good time to try it or stock up!

Click to visit Boots where this lotion is on offer at half price (currently  £2.55)

If you're still hunting for the perfect piece of retro swimwear then a post I wrote earlier this month may help. You can read it here.  In the meantime if you can all slip on your dancing shoes and shake out some moves, to actually encourage the sun to say hello that would be great. I think this needs team effort!


  1. I love big floppy hats for on holiday, makes me feel so glamourous but it's practical too! those parasols are stunning xo

  2. I've got a big white floppy hat (from M&S a couple of years ago) but I always feel like Madge from ITVs Benidorm in it so I've never worn it. LOL! I think I need a new hat. :D

  3. I always go for big floppy and have just bought my 1st parasol from a local carboot for 50p. But.... I may very well be tempted by that first one shown by Brollies Galore!!!

  4. Yup I always use Garnier or Palmers Cocoa butter gradual tan... the only 2 really good ones out there. And not even very expensive!

    I quite like trilbies and (cotton) baker-boys in the sun, although I also wear a wide ballet style hairband at times (very little fuss and works well with 60s-modern styles).

  5. Sandy's comment made me spit tea out over the keyboard.
    I find a month in Goa helps the tan and I run outside and prostrate myself in the garden whenever there's a break in the clouds, failing that St Moritz from Savers (£3 or thereabouts) is a pretty good substitute.
    I've a few vintage parasols and sun hats (all found for under a quid at the boot sale) sadly they're gathering dust at the mo but I've heard August is going to be glorious, fingers crossed! x

  6. Hi my dear-I am still on the hunt for the perfect summer hat, after trying floppy brims I would rather have a wide rigid one I think! Great picks here, i especially love the parasols, they're soo pretty! xx

  7. Beautiful inspirational photos for when the sun does bother to show itself!!! In the mean time, I've found soap & glory's fake tan spray a successful substitute xXx


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