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I love a mid week love link, there's just so so so much stuff out there that fascinates me and so so many writers/bloggers/photographers who inspire me. It has crossed my mind that may be I should be more 'me, me, me' and not send my lovely readers off to other sites and blogs, but then I wouldn't be me! I like to share, and if you're reading this then there's a fairly good chance that we probably like a lot of the same things, so why wouldn't I want to show some appreciation and spread the word about what's been interesting me, keeping me amused..........keeping me out of trouble!

I'm not really a competitive person and this may stop me becoming a blogger who almost has blogworld domination, I'm more of a working together, community kind of girl. Anyway, if I'm going to blog then it's going to my way, so I shall carry on regardless! So without further ramblings let's get on with the links of loveliness.

Alison of blog The Dressing Parlour, has written an interesting post about deceased tattoo artist Norman ''Sailor Jerry'' Collins. He may have died in 1973 but his tattoo designs continue to inspire today. Read it here.

If you're as fascinated by wartime propaganda posters as I am, then you must visit the blog Eclectic Ephemera, where there is news of an amazing partnership that means hundreds of posters are going to be all in one place for us to view. Read more about this here.

If you're thinking of your summer reading the Charlie of blog Land Girl 1980 has reviewed a book about the Mitford Sisters. Read it here.

We have a wonderful pub in Norwich that's being given a new lease of life, it's had a loooooooong history and it's makeover is being blogged. Now why have I included something that's so local to me? Because it's such an interesting piece of history that even if you never set foot in it, you can still enjoy the blog, even if you can't enjoy the beer. Sorry.....  Read about this soon to be handsome fella of a pub called The Sir Garnet here.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook the you'll know that I'm a little addicted to You Tube, I often refer to it as a thief of time, some would say it's research..... but there is no doubt about it You Tube is a dangerously beautiful thing. I could spend hours watching old fashion footage, hair and beauty tutorials etc. Speaking of which, if you read my post on Monday about VV Brown and you fancy trying a fringe roll then blogger/vlogger Betty Bee did a fab and easy to follow tutorial last month, so if you fancy giving it a go then check it out! See the video tutorial here. 

Finally two shopping links for you! I was recently browsing Etsy and came across a designer called Janine Basil who creates some fun and very clever fascinators, if you love pop art these are great!

Click to visit Janine Basil's Etsy store

One of my most loved shops is Collectif, and starting today they have have, wait for this............ a MASSIVE 40% off full priced items online. You just need to use the code TENXXX. The offer runs Midday (GMT) 20th June 2012 and end midnight (GMT) 22nd June. If you're not familiar with Collectif then you can read my review here.

Visit Collectif



  1. Ahhhh - thanks for the mid-week link love, love :)

    I love read round ups. It makes me discover new blogs :) YAY!!

  2. Lovely round-up. I used to frequent the Garnet when my housemate used to watch football there... it was a proper old-man-pub then but had a certain pink charm and was near the seafood stand in the market!


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