Guest Post: A Trip to the Races- Vintage Style ASOS Marketplace

If you haven't visited ASOS Marketplace yet, then it's worth a look. If Ebay leaves you fed up when you miss out on that dress you long for, then sites like these can save you the heartache. No bidding, no watching just buy if you love. Here, Laura Clarke gives some vintage tips for a day at the races although there's good tops here for any outdoor event that you might have coming up.

Guest Post by Laura Clarke 

It’s summer time and a trip to the races is always a fabulous day out (and a brilliant reason to get rather dolled up), but what to wear?! The high street is full of identical looking clothes, so if you want to stand out in something different vintage clothing is certainly the way to go. You can pick up many vintage finds from charity shops, vintage boutiques and online at sites such as ASOS Marketplace.

The starting point for most outfits fit for the races is a fabulous dress. Whether it be a maxi, midi or even a mini (if you’re brave enough) there is a style out there that will suit you perfectly. An elegant choice for the races is a 50s prom style dress in a gorgeous feminine floral print and midi length. Stiletto heels will admittedly look great with this look but a grass friendly wedge is probably more appropriate.

To complement the look accessories should be in keeping with the dress and of a similar era, or at least have the look of that time anyway. A tan leather bag will not just look great but also be big enough to carry around all your essentials; well it will be a long day!  

A light summer jacket may be essential when the typical British weather means it is roasting hot one minute and then rather chilly the next. Lace is everywhere this season, so why not incorporate it into your outfit by way of a gorgeous cropped jacket.  

For finishing touches add on some gorgeous accessories, pearls are a great way to carry the 1950s style through your whole outfit and will be something you wear again and again as they look wonderfully sophisticated with almost anything. So next time you are cheering on the horses stand out from the crowd in some fabulous vintage fashion.



  1. Just love the first dress so pretty :)

  2. Yep, wedges and a cropped jacket are the MUST HAVE items for UK summer days... although judging by the so called summer at the moment, a duffel coat might be warmer!

  3. That dress is lovely. Are there links to the listings?

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  4. Alas no links to the pictures, illustrative purposes only, which is a shame as that first dress it utterly gorgeous!!

  5. I've been in touch with the writer of this post and the dress was available at the time of writing but has now been snapped up! Someone has a gorgeous dress there!


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