Fabulous Fifties Fever

So that's the Jubilee weekend over then! How was it for you? A trip to the dentist on Friday left me needing to change my plans for the days ahead. Quite drastically in fact, however I did still manage to make the Fabulous Fifties History Fair at Gressenhall Museum in Norfolk on Sunday.

Despite the rain, which didn't stop all day, the event saw a good turn out. I think us Brits just accept that if we are totally ruled by the weather then we wouldn't get out to do much at all! So thanks and well done for those that refused to be beaten by mother nature! If you follow my Facebook page you'll see that I found some Jubilee shoes! Vintage Clarks for £1 - and a fabulous navy bag for £4.50. Perfect accessories!

However, slight disaster - as often happens with old shoes the heels just crumbled between leaving the front door and walking to the car! So a quick emergency pair of pumps had to be grabbed. No time to hunt for shoes, so it had to be white Primark lace up pumps that I often refer to as my faux keds. I looked ready to jive at least!

The reading room was prepared for it's visitors with a selection of fifties books from social history to the always popular hair, fashion and beauty style guides. Of course we also had a section dedicated The Royal Family with focus being on the lady of the day herself.

 I mentioned Gressenhall in a previous post and on this visit myself and my fellow Historical Sauces were tasked not only with creating our Pop Up Vintage Reading Room, but also hair and make up for Blue Skies Vintage Events fashion show, talks on fifties fashion and style and of course, our one to one Flicks and Lips. That's quite a list I know so I'll let the pictures tell the day. I also don't have lots of outfit pictures to share with you as frankly I've felt less than glam, and rather sleepy after waking up in the night with what I can only describe as face ache! There's never a good time to go to the dentist but right before a loooong weekend that promises cake, Pimms, fizz and all other glorious activities is about as rubbish timing as it gets!

Picture : Retro Chick

Picture: Darhling Photography
Picture: Darhling Photography

By yesterday, I was finally starting to feel human again and went to the pub so as not to feel like I missed out on most of the long weekend fun! Cider and bunting made the bank holiday end on a cheery note!

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  1. That looks soooo much fun and everyone on the first photo looks so glamorous!


  2. Looks a wonderful event. Sorry to hear you've had dentistry to deal with, toothypegs are SUCH a pain when they strike!! And alls well that ends well (ie with a cider).

  3. Well done for not letting the tooth problem stop you. Looks like you are doing really well! x

  4. I love these photos - looks like such a cool event!


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