It's a Wrap! Jubilee photo shoot

Last week I found my self with my fellow Historical Sauces surrounded by hair rollers, oodles of make up, five models and rain. Lots of rain, which is a bit of a mare when the photo shoot brief was a fifties street party to celebrate the Coronation. With the weather showing no signs of improving a plan B was cooked up and instead a tea party scene was created - but to go with that tea party we needed some girls and chaps to drink and eat at said tea party.This is where we came in. We were there as hair and make up artists, so heated rollers at the ready we set about a fifties style make over.

My female model was the very sweet Amanda Santos. I've seen Amanda model at several events but never worked with her before, but from the moment I knew she was booked for the shoot I just knew we could make those lovely - very long locks in to a gorgeous bob. So take a look at Amanda's hair in this first picture and you'll be seeing quite a difference in the final look - and no hair was chopped to create the look. My scissors were left at home................

The official pictures will be in the press next month. We're being given a date of June 2nd at the moment but I'll keep you posted! In the mean time, here's some behind the scenes pictures to give you a sneak peek. The Fabulous Miss K was the fashion stylist and cupcakes for the shoot were created by Cupcakes by Jess.

Armed with Dax wax I also tackled the chaps..... not sure what your average mum and dad in the fifties would have said about this chap!

Speaking of 'after' shots,  here Amanda's locks are transformed in to a fax bob.

Amanda very kindly emailed some pictures that she took after the shot. Same hair, same make up but I think you'll agree that the sweet girl you just saw at a tea party just turned in to a screen siren!

It was a fab day, loved loved loved doing the hair and make up, but I also loved hanging around behind the scenes watching the photographer direct the models too. It's so very inspiring to be in a room full of such creativity. It's given me lots of ideas and things to ponder. I just can't wait to see the official pictures!


  1. That looks like lots of fun.

  2. You did a brilliant job with Amanda's hair, I'd love you to do mine! x

  3. Thanks it was a hoot - Vix I think Amanda's hair wasn't too much shorter than your's so proof it could be done :O)


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