Gloves - An accessory for all seasons

 Whilst walking through a department store we have in Norwich called Jarrolds, I was scanning the handbags whilst making my way to the book department, and I spotted the most adorable pair of polka dot cotton gloves. Now I must confess that I rarely wear gloves, except the winter woolly variety or vintage leather ones on a cool day but I often look at ladies that do add a little pair of day gloves to their outfit, and think that I really must use gloves as an accessory more. Gloves do add an elegance, whilst we might not get to wear evening gloves very often, a little pair of day gloves can really help finish an outfit and add an extra vintage touch.

Gloves in the summer? Usually coming in cotton or nylon they're completely wearable all year round. Wrist gloves were also crocheted too, so the clever crafters out there could make their own.....

                           Wrist gloves, also know as matinee gloves or bracelet length gloves.

Gauntlet gloves come higher up the wrist than matinee gloves, are often wide at the top so give a flared effect These  beautiful 1940s ones are currently available on Etsy for £20.82 / $32 

Elbow gloves generally fall just below the elbow and are ideal for wearing under jackets.coats with 3/4 length sleeves

Opera gloves are full length over and over the elbow. This is a classic opera glove, although they can vary in length slightly and some styles will reach the elbow, there are also many images of opera gloves falling just below the elbow - not dissimilar to an elbow glove but very fitted. For me though an opera glove is all out glamour and  is over the elbow.

And what better time add gloves to your outfit than now? The Queen is of the generation where gloves were and essential piece of clothing. I can't actually find a better example of who is making gloves part of a look better than anyone else than the lady herself. Now I'm sure with the amount of hands she has to shake over the year that gloves are more than just a fashion accessory, however they at least prove that you can sometimes combine practicality with style. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Queen of not only the country but the glove!

The Queen reportedly only wears black or white gloves but should you wish to be bolder with your colour choices then they are a great way to add a splash of colour. At a recent event I was really taken by the way a lady had added a salmon pink pair of wrist length gloves to her little black dress. Gemma of Retro Chick is often seen sporting gloves but I especially liked these evening gloves with the peach dress.

Picture: Hanson Leatherby
Now there is a glove etiquette which you can conform to should you so wish and whist opera gloves in the day time, might be considered a little to much, if you happen to wear gloves with a dress that under the rules of glove etiquette are the incorrect length for the dress, I really wouldn't worry too much. Etiquette rules, whilst interesting and often useful aren't law, and sometimes it's fun to break rules and make up your own. Style gurus Susannah and Trinny would probably have a field day with me, I clash colours, wear necklines I like, not what is dictated to me and whilst I'm happy to give advice, the main thing I say is if YOU like it, you'll wear it with confidence and that's the best accessory anyone can have. 

A few general rules of thumb for glove etiquette

  • The shorter the sleeve the longer the glove. For example elbow gloves with sleeveless dresses etc. Unless at the opera, theatre or ball when full length opera gloves would be called for.
  • Remove gloves when eating, drinking or smoking
  • When attending a formal eating event, (lunch or dinner) remove gloves once seated. (They may be placed on your lap with the napkin over them)
  • Keep gloves on when attending outdoor events
  • Remove the right glove before shaking hands
  • Do not wear rings over gloves, bracelets are acceptable
I say a few, because when you look in to the etiquette of anything, there are always lots of different ideas and opinions . There's plenty of proof of the rules being thrown out of the window anyway.........

I'm not sure of the etiquette of opera gloves and guns - but Jessica Rabbit makes her own rules.

Buying vintage gloves can be tricky if you're not sure of your size, vintage gloves can often come up quite small so if you buy online, don't be afraid to contact the seller and ask for measurements if they haven't included them and get your tape measure out and measure your own hands. Vintage fairs give you a chance to try before you buy and you can often find a huge selection of gloves in various sizes, colours and materials. I recently picked up a pair of red nylon gloves for £3. Carboot sales and charity shops are always worth a look too. I've picked up a few nice pairs of thin soft leather gloves for just a few pounds.

If buying online, Ebay and Etsy are great, here's some gloves currently up for grabs.

Etsy £10.41 / $16 
Etsy £6.51 / $10 

Etsy £20

If you want to buy 'new' to get a vintage look then here are some options for you. Whether you opt for vintage or new, a pair of gloves will certainly add a finishing touch to your spring/summer outfit.

ASOS lace gloves £6

Cotton gloves from sermonetagloves.co.uk available in  several colours £29.95

Debenhams elbow length gloves was £10 now £9
Cotton day gloves £35 Cornelia James (This is a fabulous website, lots of  colour choice)



  1. I really like lace gloves at the moment. There's something rather gothic about them but they fit into a number of looks.

  2. Great post, I also look at ladies who wear gloves in awe. As Perdita said, I'm drawn to lace gloves as they do look dainty/gothic/glamorous. That's a lovely shot of the lady at the party. I like the angle the photographer has gone for. I liked the lace gloves and for that price they have to be worth a shot I think! Ang xx

  3. Yes, agree with Perdita, lace gloves are a great look.

  4. Well, who knew? I knew gloves had been essential parts of outfits but had never really looked in detail before, or realised just how many varieties there are! A very informative post- thank you!!

  5. Thank you for such a handy guide. I always thought that short gloves are the only ones you can wear during the day. I'm thinking of pairing a 40s suit with longer gloves, and that's how I found your blog. Lovely writing missy! Will be following you :)



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