Book Review: The Treasures of Queen Elizabeth by Tim Ewart

It feels as though most of the country is in preparation for the long weekend ahead of Jubilee celebrations. Opinions on the queen and her family seem to have returned mainly to the positive if we are to believe the polls. As a child I was fascinated by Princess Diana and had a scrapbook that I would paste pictures of her in to. I even had my long hair chopped short as I wanted her hair cut! I still remember feeling more than a little sad when I looked at my reflection in the shiny surface of the living room fire the next day to see my hair was all flat and not at all like Princess Diana's - I can't remember how old I was, but definitely under eight and naive in the magic of a blow dry and hairspray! I don't consider myself a die hard royalist but I do generally enjoy the royal family. I watched Wills and Kate tie the knot last year, I still think 'Ooooo' when I pass Buckingham Palace, I do enjoy looking at pictures of the past and I've a soft spot for Harry as you'll know if you read my previous post.

Being a vintage blogger and a vintage hair and make up consultant with The Historical Sauces, books for me have become a resource as much as a passion. Carlton Books kindly sent me a copy of the book to review and I think it's a wonderful look back at the life of Queen Elizabeth, it's a large weighty coffee table book, turning the pages feels very much like looking through an old family album. There's also little pockets along the way which include various copies of historical documents, newspapers, dress designs and an amazing sketch of the queens wedding dress design by Sir Norman Hartnell. This bonus of having to delve into these pockets and pull out all these interesting pieces of history is not only a brilliant idea - but it turns the book in to something more of a discovery of the past and makes the whole reading experience feel most interactive.

The front page of the Daily Mirror from 11th December 1936

London Zoo 1939

The wedding dress designed by Sir Norman  Hartnell

 The images used of a young Elizabeth are just stunning. What a style icon she was for women not just in this country but the world. Here she is in 1961 with Jackie Kennedy.

The book does go through to pretty much the present day so this is very much a book to celebrate all of the queens life and not just her younger years. We're taken through various royal weddings, births and deaths. It's been fascinating to read through and it really is beautifully presented. It's a wonderful souvenir of the queens life and a look back through the past and the many world events the queen has lived through.

There's even the queens favourite recipe for drop scones - which I'll be trying later and sharing with you in the week. I make no promises that they will be wonderful but I'll bring you the results good or bad! This is a substantial book and that does mean that the RRP is fairly substantial too at £30, but it does come in a presentation slip case and as mentioned there are lots of documents to pull out and keep or display, so it would make a lovely gift or something special to keep. The way it's presented means it does have a 'wow' factor, it's currently available on Amazon though for £19.50 (as always with Amazon the price is subject to change) So now to make those scones, wish me luck!

The Treasures of Queen Elizabeth by Tim Ewart, published by Carlton Books, £30, is available in all good book shops and online now.



  1. This looks like it would be a lovely gift for my friend who lives overseas thank you! Even though the queen isn't 'her' queen she loves the royal family, she'd love to be over here taking part in the celebrations. Lou x

  2. Would be lovely of there were some tea party/street party style celebrations all over the world!

  3. I was just a child when the princess became queen,it was a memorable event with the grown ups getting food ready and best dresses being worn. You're right Princess Elizabeth was a very stylish young lady indeed. What a lovely piece to read this was.


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