Rainy Days

One week I'm sitting out side a pub coatless and the next I'm walking down the street in my faux fur, hat and brolly. How bizarre the weather is in the UK right now! So as umbrellas seem an essential piece of kit at the moment then they may as well be fun to use. So to cheer yourself up and perhaps those that pass you by, here's a selection of some fab umbrellas to keep you dry and happy.

Palm tree umbrella £28 from Umbrella World

Pop art umbrella £18 from Umbrella World

Totes flamingo umbrella £17 from Umbrella world

Seagulls print umbrella from Marks and Spencer£12.50
Union Jack umbrella from Marks and Spencer £19.50 (perfect for a rainy Jubilee I'm thinking..........)

Radley Claremont poppy print umbrella from House of Fraser now £24 reduced from £30
Linea butterfly print umbrella from House of Fraser £7.50 reduced from £15

Marvel print umbrella from River Island £15 (not just for the boys, I think if comics are your thing it's a great unisex brolly)

Something else to keep your heads dry and the glamour stakes up are these great rain hats. Rain hats, I hear you cry?! These hats from Bubble Betty just ooze gorgeousness and they are very much on my list of products to try.

Picture from Bubble Betty website

Currently there are four designs and they are priced at just £6 each, They come in a reusable tin so you can pack your hat away and pop it in your handbag. I just think they look super cute and if like me you are vertically challenged then you'll understand what a task it is to try and use an umbrella at times. You can't manoeuvre it above peoples head to lift it out of the way and allow people to pass!

Or those days when you've done your hair and it's not raining but just horrible and damp outside? You don't need an umbrella but these could be a great solution to get you from A to B! Do take a look at the Bubble Betty website.

With any luck I will soon be posting about ways to keep cool! Fingers crossed! Oh talking about the weather is such a British thing to do isn't it!


  1. ooh, might have to go and get the Radley one

  2. What is going on with our topsy turvy weather lately? Sun cream one day and brolly the next! X

  3. You can't beat British weather for unpredictability! Love the first brolly!

  4. I'm always on the look out for new umbrellas as an accessory to brighten up an out fit and am currently loving your blog post on umbrellas. First one is my fav, however I do like the flamingo one as my daughter and I are very much into Alice in Wonderland lol
    Please see her log post on Alice inspired fashion
    Love your blog by the way xx


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