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 I've been holding on to this post in the hope that I'd be able to add some pictures of my Collectif dress being worn out and about on a picnic - but as that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon due to the weather turning quite chilly, or hailing, or pouring with rain or a combination of all three............. I'm going to have to wait for a picnic. It will be worth the wait though because I have the perfect dress!

Collectif first approached me a few months ago when they were opening their new shop in Old Spitalfields Market. They invited me to a grand opening - which sounded simply spectacular. Any event that promises London's answer to Johnny Cash has got to be an interesting affair right? Sadly I wasn't free to go - which was super annoying as Old Spitalfields is just a stones throw from Liverpool Street station, so location wise it's ideal for a a quick shopping trip when you step off the train or before you step on it.

Collectif Clothing is an independent UK retailer that creates reproduction forties and fifties style dresses with a size range from 6-22. I'm personally a big fan of this brand so when they approached me again asking me if I'd like to review a dress I was happy to oblige. When I agree to work with companies, I do it on the basis that my reviews will be honest but fair, I had a trip to London planned so I decided not to just review a dress, but checkout the new Collectif store, having only bought from Collectif online before I was interested to visit one of the shops. I wasn't disappointed - rails and rails of patterned loveliness, lots of sizes to choose from. I visited the Old Spitalfieilds store and although it's not a massive store it's small but perfectly formed. It's all really well laid out and the changing rooms were nice and spacey - which is so important when you're wiggling in an out of dresses. 

The choice of dresses is immense. I was in dress heaven, I took several to try on. Pencil dresses, dresses with circle skirts, plain ones, floral ones - I tried on a lot. I'm quite short at just over five foot - and when I say just over I may actually mean half an inch over..... Generally speaking I like my dresses to be on or just below the knee. So If you're over the average height ( I'm told my height is below average - who'd have guessed that?!) then you'll probably find these dresses will be above your knee - which is absolutely fine if that's the look you want to go for, but being petite it can be a nightmare to get dresses that don't need to be taken up, so I was thrilled to bits to be able to try a dress on and the length fall perfectly.

Move over Wilma!
 There now follows a series of pictures of the dresses I tried on - taken with the self timer on the camera - the Collectif CCTV will have several images of me dashing across the floor and striking a pose. They may also have footage of me surfing the floor in my stockinged feet ....... I am old enough to know better but the music was playing, I was surrounded by cheery dresses, I was having a nice time and a little silliness happened.....The dress needs killer heels but as I'd been walking across London I was in my ballet pumps. I *adored* this dress, has a cave girl dress ever been hotter?

Frollickingly fun florals. Talk about saying it with flowers! These are dresses to be adored and noticed in. If these don't cheer up a rainy grey day then I simply do not know what will. What's also super about these dresses is the material has some stretch to it making it easy to find a dress that fits your curves. If like me you have plenty of front you'll know it can be a nightmare buying dresses. This is quite hard for me because I am a girl who loves her dresses.

Dress buying when you're short and have ample bosom can be tricky, which can sometimes take the fun out of shopping. I've practically given up trying to buy vintage dresses that are made with fabric that has no give in it - because if it fits my boobs it will be to big everywhere else and vise versa. None of these dresses gave me the changing room woes, so for me Collectif is becoming a bit of a go to label. So which dress do you think came home with me?............................................................................Which one would you have picked? .............................................................................. *drum roll*.....................................................................

I chose this one because it's not the usual shape that I would go for, when I've shopped for this shape of dress before they've always been so long I've felt swamped so I'm super pleased to be adding this beauty to my wardrobe. Take a look at Collectif for yourself, pop in to a store or visit the website . You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Friday, The weekend is here!! X


  1. That's the dress I would have picked too, it's gorgeous. I'm busty too so I feel your shopping woes. I keep hearing about this brand, but I'm 6ft and am worried now they might be too short. Hmmm, need to try one x

  2. I've been to the SPitalfields store, it's nice and when I went, they had lots of sale stuff too which was great! (In fact, I'm going on Sunday to Spitalfields, must have a look!) You look utterly stunning in that dress! I think it's the one that suited you best!

  3. You picked my favourite! I will definitely check this shop out, I like Spitalfields and it looks like a good addition. Also easier for me to get to than Viviens of Holloway. Great review, here's hoping for picnic weather soon!

  4. Nice dress! Yes I like Collectif too- I go to Camden to look!

  5. That was the frock that absolutely leapt out of your photos! It looks stunning on you.

  6. I've never heard of them.... I'm off to check out the website now!! Your dress looks lovely :)

  7. Oh I picked that one too - looks stunning on you. Well guess where I will be visiting on my next train ride to Londinium?!!! x

  8. I would have deffo gone for that one too.

  9. As I was scrolling down I was thinking that one looked the nicest!! Gorgeous!!

  10. Great choice of dress! Love the print.

    Know what you mean about being short and busty! I'm starting to take the same view think its going be be either bought or home made clothing for me. I just bought a dress for a wedding and then promptly spent the weekend near enough taking it apart and remaking it to get both the waistline and bust line anywhere near where I want!

  11. Great post! I own 3 of their Halterneck dresses as they're the best shape for me. You look fab! X

  12. I own lots of collectif dresses, but have only ever shopped online. Would love to go to one of the shops but I think it would bankrupt me lol! I have the dress you chose too, its gorgeous isn't it, I got so desperate to wear it, I wore it on the school run the day after it arrived! Needless to say I was the glammest mum in the playground :D


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