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 We haven't had one of these for a wee while, those of you who may be new to the blog - this is where I share websites with you that I've enjoyed lately. They may be other blogs or just links to interestingness!

So starting off is one that some of the readers who've been with me a while may be familiar with. Last year I was photographed for a project for an online gallery that features folks leading and loving a vintage way of life.

Picture Credit Southern Retro by Mat Keller
 It's constantly getting updated with new subjects so is always worth checking on a regular basis. If you're not familiar then do take a look. southernretro.com

Over on blog Eclectic Ephemera you'll find dapper chap blogger Bruce Partington- Plans has added David Niven to his style icon series. Lots of divine pictures of the dashing Mr Niven along with an interesting look at his life which you can read here

This week I was talking on face book about how I'd set my hair with perm rods! This is a separate post of it's own and there is a crazy picture of me with rag doll hair that I will amuse you all with. I did tweet it, so those of you on twitter have had a sneak peek! The talk of my uncomfortable nights sleep due to said perm rods, resulted in Fiona from blog Straight talking Mama sharing with me something she'd tried with success. Fiona has come up with a way to make cheap foam rollers easy to sleep in. Read all about Fiona's roller idea here

I stumbled across the next link thanks to google. About tenish years ago I gained a City & Guilds level 2 qualification in Photography. Three Distinctions in fact, which I was so thrilled and shocked about at the time, I actually emailed my tutor to request that she checks this again for fear I had been sent someone else's results.

Digital was only just becoming more mainstream and I certainly couldn't afford a digital camera at the time. I can develop my own film and know my way away around a dark room, but this is a skill I no longer use (although I'm still pleased and proud to know I can) I didn't become a photographer and simply used what I'd learnt for pleasure and fun. Digital has made me quite lazy and I found myself rarely flicking the camera on to manual anymore so I decided to go back to school! Well sort of. I've signed up for a short photography/photoshop course.

I *love* being in a classroom environment. Don't let the lipstick and catflick eyeliner fool you, I am a geek at heart and love the process of learning. Hate hate hate not being able to do something new but that's another story! So I've dug out my books again and I'm back to browsing photographers and art, which I've never really stopped doing but now I feel it has more than just a pleasure element to it, it's research. So back to the link I mentioned about 300 words ago...... A little bit of history on old cameras and some beautiful images It's a site called photo.tutsplus.com

Last link is just to let you know that The Historical Sauces now have an online shop so you can get your What Katy Did Seamed Stockings, tights and Besame lipsticks delivered straight o your door!

Happy Wednesday everyone, the weekend is on it's way...........


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  1. I heart round ups - I may have to start doing them myself :)


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