Long live that Friday feeling

Anyone who follows me on Facebook or Twitter will know that I was just a bit excited on Friday.... Despite the early morning start and the fact that it wasn't great weather (goodbye mac hello faux fur kind of weather) I fought off my sleepiness for an early morning meeting with The Historical Sauces and a client on a very exciting project we're working on.....

So if you happen to be in, or fancy a trip to Norfolk on the Jubilee weekend then the event I recommend for you on Sunday 3rd of June is ............The History Fair at Gressenhall. Celebrating the 'Fabulous Fifties' it's gong to be a super day of fabulousness and fun. We're going to be there with the Pop Up Vintage Reading room, which will also house our 'Lips & Flicks' tutorials, and during the day, we'll be popping over to the chapel to give talks on fifties fashion. Exciting! The building we are going to based in, is like a little house, it's going to be brilliant creating a room in a room! We're very very excited. Can you tell? We've even made the front of the flyers! Eek!

As well as us, there's also dancing, music, activities including a fifties classroom, fashion shows, cars, if you come dressed in fifties style then entry is also free, so we're expecting it to be a bit like stepping back in time! Gressenhall was formerly a workhouse, now a museum they host several events in the year. Whilst we were there, we got to have a good look around so we could make plans and I just had to pop in and visit the 1950s room. Just divine. If you read my post about the 1940s house in London's Imperial War Museum, you'll know that I love, love, love stepping in to a room and being transported back to a different time. I find it quite magical. In fact, I find it more magical now than I did as a youngster.

I have another set of flying ducks on my wish list.

I'm a ballet pump/flats girl most of the time due to my hectic lifestyle and always needing to dash everywhere, however ideally I'd wear heels with this lovely dress, but I'm still getting over a sprained foot that's still quite painful, so heels have been more or less avoided completely for weeks now. I hope it sorts itself out soon! The dress I'm wearing by the way is a charity shop find. It's home made and the little scarf is attached. I'm guesstimating  it's 50s/60s from the fabric and style, but it's tricky with home made dresses to be precise. The little scarf/tie is attached, I feel like a bit of a trolley dolly, it does need heels though!

I loved the cocktail cabinet. I so need one of these in my life but we simply don't have space *looks around the room at walls* We really don't, I've tried to be imaginative with were it could go but alas it's not going to happen. I just missed out on some fifties tumblers on Ebay this weekend which was a bit of a boohoo moment. Tumblers don't come along that often, shot glasses are plentiful which I think is down to the fact that they were probably kept for display or just for best. Shots are not an everyday drink of course. Not even for me.......

Now I'm happy to admit that I don't want to go back to using wooden tongs to do the washing, but the 1950s room is very very interesting. I'd like to spend the day there at the very least. I think seeing rooms set up like this is great for style inspiration. The house we moved in to had been in the same family for 90 years.... but the person we actually bought it from, had bought it as a 'do up and sell on' job. We do have some lovely feature fireplaces, but the kitchen is new. I can't help but wonder what the old one was like. The room in Gressenhall isn't roped off, you can open cupboard doors and peep inside. If only they had an entire 1950s house. That would be quite something.

The other reason Friday was an excellent day - despite being the 13th.......was because we sold more tickets for The Historical Sauces 'Flicks and Lips' session - which took us to almost a sell out and yesterday we sold the last tickets in the morning so hooray! We've also been in discussions to hold some kind of vintage event for quite some time now. As we have the mini masterclass this Sunday at the Sauce HQ, we thought we may as well just open up the bar afterwards and have a couple of hours of cocktails and shopping. We're calling it 'Sip and Shop', we'll turn up the tunes, have a few stalls and of course a cocktail menu!

If you're in Norwich on Sunday, pop down! There's no admission charge, it's just a nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday evening, have a nice drink with friends and maybe bag a few vintage bargains. You'll find us in Olives on Elm Hill, Norwich. Doors are open 7pm-9pm this Sunday - April 22nd.

We're really keen to get some more events on in Norwich, we've been in talks for quite some time now and of course Gemma is an old hand on the vintage event scene, having thrown some spectacular events of her own already. I'll keep you updated on developments as they happen but if you are looking for something to do then Norwich/Norfolk is lovely. I am completely biased and it's been said many times over the years that I should work for the tourist board, but really it's got such a lot going for it. We're rich in history, Norwich has beautiful buildings despite the fact we suffered from heavy bombing in the second world war. We're a short train ride to the coast and of course there's an ever growing vintage vibe which I'm happy to be at the heart of, writing and working for Vintage Norwich.

If you do plan a visit, then take a look at the Vintage Norwich website, you'll find an events calender, guides on places to shop and eat etc. We take researching things like afternoon tea and cocktails very seriously. We're nice like that.....


  1. You see those pastel-topped glasses..? I HAVE SOME! Squee. Thanks for dating them for me. :)

  2. *Jealous* The frosted pastel shades and the gold rims/rings is classic fifties - so now you know! Happy to help :O)

  3. The cocktail cabinet is Fab... I have been looking for one for a while and finally last week I found one and snapped it up there and then. I'm so upset I could cry as it was broken before it could be delivered....

  4. Oh crikey, I'm so so sorry to hear about your cabinet! That's so sad. I hope it can be rescued some how :O(

  5. Gorgeous dress!

    I've just given you an award on my blog!!



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