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Happy Monday! Hope you all had good weekends. Again, it was a busy but very exciting one for me. I'd been longing for Saturday morning to arrive as there would be no alarm clock to snap me out of my sleep. I *hate* waking up to an alarm clock but without one, I'd wake up late every morning. Very rarely do I wake up of my own free will. So Saturday felt like a much needed treat. When I did emerge from my slumber I headed to a carboot sale only to find that it was cancelled when I got there as the field was too muddy. April showers give me the blues. So it was off to the charity shops for a browse and I'm really glad I did!

We don't have room for a cocktail cabinet, as I may have mentioned (several times) so I've created a cocktail shelf and I now have a new addition! Rather lovely aren't they!

They are small though, like cocktail shots! Speaking of which I had a cocktail or four yesterday. On a Sunday night, what a way to end the week! The evening started with The Historical Sauces mini masterclass. Which was a hoot, we had great fun showing the ladies (what shall we call our clients - Saucettes?) how to get the perfect pout and hints and tips on creating cat flick eyeliner. We like to work quite informally at these, make up should be fun! So it was super that the room was soon alive with chatter, laughter and the clinking of teacups that held cocktails. It was brilliant helping our Saucettes get their wings, embrace red lipstick and watching the look come together.

Sauce HQ is in a gorgeous cafe/bar on one of the oldest streets in Norwich. We'd arranged for the doors to be thrown open after the workshop for a little event we decided to call Sip and Shop and the place was soon full of people chatting, drinking and tapping their toes to music. (Who doesn't love a bit of Emelda May.) Sadly we were to busy/having a good time to take many pictures. Which means there are no pictures of me sploshing my cocktails everywhere, no images of me arm wresting (that would only ever seem a good idea after two Manhattan's) I lost, I knew I would.

There are also no images of me being taught to jive, I was a rubbish pupil. You will also be unable to view any pictures of me ordering people to google images of Eddie Redmayne so they can see for themselves how gorgeous he is............ However - I promise at the next one I well endeavour to get lots of pictures. Of course if you're Norwich way on May 27th you could always come and have a drink and shop!

More details on the next Flicks and Lips mini masterclass
More Information on the next Sip and Shop event


  1. Those glasses look lovely!

    It sounds like a fantastically successful event! Lots of fun- well done!


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