Tick Box Alley

I know it's the middle of the week, but I've just about recovered from the weekend! Was I burning the candle at both ends? No! The reason I've been as achy as a fitness boot camp detainee is down to working at an event ALL weekend that we had in Norwich called Tin Pan Alley. A rather splendid event that had a big twist on the flea market/vintage fair we've all become used to....

The event took over a gorgeous listed building in the heart of Norwich that's been empty for several years. Four floors of old uneven floors, flaky plaster, odd patches of wallpaper layered upon wallpaper -  it was an amazing space to work in. What was I doing there? Well for this one my recent weapon in the shape of liquid eyeliner was left in its holster and I was there with The Historical Sauces selling vintage!!

This was a massive box ticked for me. About two years ago I decided to look in to selling vintage with an online shop. I went to Business Link and they were brilliant. Really helpful but my work situation changed and the blog then took off fantastically. Offers to do other vintage projects came up and I've done some fabulous events but selling a few pieces of gorgeous vintage was a big box ticked for me!

We were up in the attic of the building which meant that we had to carry our stuff up a few flights of stairs - and why I ached this week! That was quite a work out but we had fun and it was an unusual but fab event to be part off.

We were just about ready as doors opened at 5pm on the Saturday, having got changed a few loads earlier, I finished carrying the last few suitcases up the stairs complete with beehive and 60's dress like a vintaged up delivery lady!

We were there again the next day ready for the doors to open at 11am. I have to say I woke up that morning and lay in bed feeling about eighty years old. I have total respect for vintage sellers who do events like this all the time! It's fun but my goodness, it's hard work! I would certainly do it again though.....


  1. It is hard work isn't it? I used to do event with my business and boy I've never worked so hard, even worse when it's an outside even and you have to contend with the weather too, can't say I'll miss it!

  2. Ahh - nothing like ticking a box! Looks like you had a fab time!

  3. For fairs like this kind of one I always set my hair the night before, and turn up like a total dag with my hair in rollers and wearing shorts and t-shirt. Once I've done my setup I give myself an hour to *transform* (cough cough) into vintage seller extraordinaire and get myself into selling headspace/mode. Sounds like an awesome venue you had, we have nothing like that here. How many vanloads of stuff did you take, I wonder?? Bloody hard work carrying stuff up stairs, isn't it? <--good reason not to buy coats, I say!


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