My Night with Marilyn

 Well almost...... I've mentioned in previous posts that Norwich has recently been a whirl of events due to our very own fashion week. Well now the hairspray has settled and we all take stock (and a rest) of what an amazing week it was, I thought I'd share one of my highlights with you.

As part of the events list, our local independent cinema show the 1953 classic Gentlmen Prefer Blondes. Once again Vintage Norwich, who I also work for, took over the bar area and helped everyone have a jolly old time with a bit of Hollywood glamour and interesting things to see and do.

My day almost went quite wrong when I was struck down with a migraine! So I took drastic action, I popped some headache tablets, took OUT my rollers - my hair wasn't even set and was still wet so this was far from ideal and I took myself off to bed for an hour. The thing with migraines is sometimes, if you can, you just have to stop everything, go somewhere dark and quite and try as best as you can to relax. I don't find switching off and relaxing easy at the best of times. I sleep with post it notes by the bed because my head always seems to be a whirl of activity however.......... an hour later I was feeling perkier and I could get on with my day.

The first mission was to work out what to do with my hair, I didn't have time to wet set it again, it was just about dry now so thank goodness for heated rollers. Mission Curl was about to begin! To give my hair the best chance possible of holding a curl (love hot rollers but a wet set with setting lotion is what works best for me) I left my rollers in as long as possible. This meant taking them out the very last minute - so about ten minutes before the event started. We still had to set up The Historical Sauce make up trolley and the Vintage Norwich items - which meant we had to meet at our office and then head a few minutes up the road to the cinema. There was only one thing for it.....I was going to have to walk there in my rollers.....

Heated rollers aren't cute little rollers you can tuck under a scarf, they are pretty big animals so there really was no missing me as I walked through town with my huge ginormous head, faux fur 50's cape and pulling a bright pink suitcase.

Waaaa! No lipstick yet! I'm looking quite pale and puffy eyed from the migraine too. My lovely stripey head scarf was a recent Charity shop find and when not covering my huge head it will be worn around my neck to nautical up my wardrobe. As I mentioned in a previous post I'm a big fan of the nautical look.

I got a few funny looks as I walked through town, most people looked away in that 'I must not stare' kind of way, if people did dare to make eye contact I just smiled back in a 'yes, I know I look a bit of a tit!' kind of way. I'm not sure these pictures demonstrate how huge my head looked - but believe me it was like a big alien head. If aliens did rollers and head scarves this would be it. I'm not sure if the cinema staff were amused or scared as I came bounding in with a cheery hello with all the boxes and bags to start setting up. Then it was back to our office to start getting ourselves ready.

Several minutes later we all emerged through a haze of hairspray looking glammed up. We don't need a smoke machine to add a music video style haze to our office - when there's three of us getting ready, hairspray does the job!

We took along a small selection of The Historical Sauce pop up library, focusing more on the Marilyn and fashion books which as always were really popular. We also took a long some of our dressing up box - which is *always* popular. It's brilliant watching people pick up handbags and hats etc and have a play with them or take a trip down memory lane. I couldn't resist having a play myself....

A gorgeous 1950s hat worthy of a First Lady ( The not me. I expect)

 When not trying on hats I was busy meeting, greeting and photographing glamourous guests so we could decide which three lucky winners would be declared best dressed. There was a lovely buzz in the bar as people arrived dressed to the nines. We also had Historical Sauce Lucy giving 'Lips and Flicks' lessons along with vintage hairstylist Flamingo Amy creating vintage hair styles.

 We arranged for a handsome Captain to welcome everyone aboard as they entered the screen (just in case you haven't seen the film, much of it is set on a cruise ship) I snapped people as they prepared to set sail and loved telling them all to have a good trip!

I sneaked in to the screen as everyone was waiting for the film to start and the party was obviously continuing! Lots of chatter, noise, and glasses clinking. I couldn't stay though, there was work to be done! We had to decide who was going to win best dressed -this was a very tough choice and it was a bit like X Factor at times as we decided which three people would be declared the winners. Once this decision was made, we could relax a little and have a well earned drink. Our captain joined us and as we waited for the film to end we played pass the hat. As you do.

You may notice I've gone red, if you follow me on Facebook you will know I've been toying with blonde or red. Red won for now....
I was super thrilled when we got to sneak in at the end of the film ready to announce the winners. I've never seen Marilyn on the big screen so catching the last few minutes of the film was just amazing for me and strangely a bit emotional! I had to pull myself together though as we then had to walk to the front of the cinema screen and present prizes to the best dressed winners. Carlton Books kindly donated three Dressing Marilyn books by Andrew Hansford as prizes and I know there were lots of looking at these, so if you didn't win but want to read my recent review of the book just click here.

I don't mind speaking in public or standing in front of lots of people, to be honest I quite enjoy it. My fear is falling over in front of them all! I'm naturally quite clumsy, as anyone who has ever met me will tell you. My drinks have a habit of jumping out of my hand, I'm forever walking in to things. I may do my hair and make up, this doesn't mean I'm Miss Graceful 2012..... However I managed to stay on my feet, despite being quite close to the edge of the stage at times. We had time for a few photos before we had to pack up, have another drink and head home for some much need sleep to recharge from such a busy but very fab night.

Just to mention that my outfit for the night came in at under £10.

My dress was a 1990s Marks and Spencer evening dress that I picked up from Oxfam recently for £4.99. I didn't manage to get a full length shot but fortunately a press photographer did, so thank you to that man! It's a lovely column dress, a bit 50's Hollywood glam.

Shoes were a chaz boutique purchase, nice point toe and flower details, very 80's does 50's £1.50

My long evening gloves were in the sale at Peacocks for £3

Total outfit cost £9.49

Pics to follow of shoes to follow!

Picture Credit: Evening News  (Here I am with Gemma AKA Retro Chick)


  1. You should live in Liverpool; if you DON'T go out with rollers in you get stared at!

    Looks like a fab night! Bravo!

  2. Ahhhh gutted I missed that, looks like a brilliant event. xx

  3. I'm sure they were just admiring your general style and poise, and your big head hadn't crossed their minds! Love the red hair - can't imagine you blonde, have you been before? - and the event looks like loads of fun x

  4. What a good looking captain ;)


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