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We haven't had one of these for a while have we? I've been ridiculously busy, you may have noticed that the blog has a few new additions....... I now have sponsors! The last time I had sponsors I think I was walking round a school field in a big circle. No doubt I was bored to tears - I hated PE. I was nearly always picked last for the team sports and I didn't really feel playing bench ball would enrich my life a much as reading a book or listening to music would. Or finding ways to save the world, I liked to try and do that as a teenager. Ironic as I probably blew a hole in the ozone layer on a twice daily basis with the amount of hairspray I used. I digress............

So meet my lovely sponsors - Blue Skies Vintage Events.

These guys really know their stuff and can help you be the perfect hostess whether you're throwing cocktail party,dinner event or even a wedding. If you're throwing a fashion show or corporate event Karen is an industry expert and can help bring to life the event you're visualising.

Next up are Sugar and Hatter

Designers of beautiful vintage inspired accessories including fascinators, jewellery and cute furry collars. The mortar board fascinators worn by The Historical Sauces are indeed Sugar and Hatter creations.

If you'd like to sponsor Missy Vintage then pop me an email. If you'd like to sponsor me personally then I'll consider activities involving alcohol and/or kissing Eddie Redmayne who is my current heart throb of the moment. Activities such as a sponsored silence are probably best avoided. Let's be honest if talking for England was an Olympic sport I would be bringing home the gold!!

So apart from Eddie Redmayne (be still my beating heart) who else is worth looking at online? As always I've found a few things that I thought you may also like too.....

A free online magazine you say? With vintage related content, history, things to make and more? Sounds too good to be true? It's all there waiting for you. queensofvintage.com  This site is well worth book marking as a favourite.

If you've been reading Missy Vintage for a while you may have seen me mention Southern Retro before. A brilliant ongoing series of photographs and short biographies of people who live the vintage way of life as a lifestyle choice. I'm desperate for Mat Keller the creator of Southern Retro to exhibit this collection in a gallery. It's a brilliantly interesting idea and he takes such amazing pictures. He's also a very nice fella so if you think you'd like to take part in the project you can contact him via his website Southern Retro.

One of the pictures of me Mat used for his project Southern Retro
Blogger A Thrifty Mrs has written a post on removing the smell of stale cigarettes from your thrifted items. If you've ever opened a vintage suitcase and almost keeled over as the smell of tobacco  hits you like a wall then this post will interest you. Read it here.

Land Girl 1980 has a super style of writing. She's funny and interesting and I would always suggest that she is a blogger worth following. This post looks at women who worked in munitions during The Great War. Read it here

Hair blog Hair Advice and All Things Nice have reviewed the latest addition to the Batiste dry shampoo range. Read it here.

Need more wardrobe space? Clever blogger Betty Bee may have the answer for you and you will still have lots of pennies left to keep buying more dresses! Read it here.

And finally, just in case you missed this when I posted it last month, here's a link to The BBC Archive - Hollywood voices. It features radio interviews with Hollywood greats including Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, Rita Hayworth, Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, Doris Day............... to name just a few! Some of the interviews are short with just a few minutes of chat others last for over an hour. It's well worth visiting.
Click here to be transported back in time and hear the interviews.


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