Just another Manic Monday

 I woke up thinking that I'd treat this morning as my Sunday as I worked yesterday. Like all ideas that start off brilliantly, I then realised that may be a one lazy cup of tea would be all I'd get as I've quite a few things that I really *should* be getting in with........ So having now drained my mug of tea it's business as usual and hello Manic Monday!

The weekend has been a bit of a blur. Norwich Fashion week began last Thursday and it's been busy but very exciting so far! On Friday we were a feature of the 'Norwich lanes night out' where boutiques in an area known as 'The Lanes' of Norwich stay open late and have music, activities, flash sales etc. I was working withGemma and Lucy as The Historical Sauces and we were lucky enough to set up a beauty boutique in one of Norwich's best and most divine shoe shops Imelda's. We weren't sure how busy we would be but were astonished that the shop was soon crammed with people lining up for our 'lips and flicks' make up tutorials! It was back to back lessons all night.

I haven't got many pictures of the night as I was armed with lipstick and an eyeliner brush rather than a camera for most of the night, but I decided to swap my usual victory roll look for a bit of a beehive.....

Saturday I did get a day off and went to the coast - although the morning began with a flurry of emails as The Historical Sauces had been asked if we could step in and do a live hair demonstration the following day at an event we were already attending.... So we did indeed step in to save the day, in fact we had the scary duty of being the first demo of the day! (Which we didn't realise at the time of saying yes!)

So there I was with a Brittany Spears style microphone giving a live guide on how to get the beehive look! My first thoughts were don't try and use this moment to be a comedy wannabe and do a Brittany impersonation and the next was a reminder to myself not to swear!! Even a little mutter under by breath would have been broadcast to the entire room. Eek!

A trusty tea trolley acted as my work station, I used a vintage tea cup to hold my grips. This idea was much loved and even the Benefit girl borrowed the trolley for her demonstration. I'm pleased to say that the idea of using tea trolleys as work stations was my idea first! It is a genius idea, I can't deny it!

 If this exercise is to be repeated then I will have to learn to talk and smile at the same time because the photo's  I've seen so far (and there must be hundreds floating around as so many people were taking photo's) are bloody awful!! Talking and not looking like a crazy fool pulling faces is not an art I have yet learned!! However here are some that didn't get hit with the delete button!

The final result............

And an out take photo of the final result picture................ Oh dear!!

We rewarded out hard days work with fizz and jam doughnuts, what else?Tesco's didn't have any canapes so we opted for some reduced price cakes at the bargain price of 5 for 10p! We are not princesses, those reduced price cakes were delicious!

Wednesday Night I will be wearing my Historical Sauce AND my Vintage Norwich hat as we take over the bar at Norwich's Cinema City and host an evening celebrating the showing of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I'll be armed with my camera taking pictures of visitors all glammed up for this amazing event. The fabulous creatures at Carlton Books have kindly given us not one, not two but THREE copies of the book Dressing Marilyn By Andrew Hansford to give away to the three best dressed folks on the night!

You can read the review of the book that's up for grabs here.

You can get more details of Wednesdays event here.

Right let's see what the rest of Monday has in store for me!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great event. Your hair looked gorgeous. Have fun on wed, dee x

  2. Sexy beehive!Suits you!
    What a fun night,I'd love to go to something like that!XXX

  3. Sounds like you've been a busy girl! X

  4. I wish I had you in my bathroom on Monday mornings - great job!


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