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I haven't been to a holiday camp since I was in middle school. We went to Butlins twice I think. Skegness, I have a few memories of it such as the fair, fab swimming pool, seeing The Chuckle Brothers - how old are they? I can't believe they are still going! Anyway the reason for this little trip down memory lane is because I recently found myself back at a holiday camp but this time it was for work not a holiday.

The Historical Sauces had been booked to do a workshop for the entertainment staff at the Mill Rythe Holiday Village, to help them prepare for a Vera Lynn stage show they will be performing for their holiday makers. We went to show them how to create a 40' style look with their hair and make up. It's quite a drive so although the workshop was on Monday, we headed down to Hampshire on Sunday and stayed overnight at the holiday park so we'd be fresh for Monday morning.

It was quite a road trip! We loaded up the car, and headed off. Lucy had her Sat Nav - who had quite a nice Irish voice, so we decided to name him Connor. Actually I think we may have had a mini debate over what we should all him, but we all agreed that if the Sat Nav voice came to life he'd be tall, dark and very handsome. We can't be the only people to think of these things? Can we?

We arrived in the evening and had a nice dinner, followed by a couple of G& T's as we relaxed from the long drive. My fellow Historical Sauce Gemma actually had several childhood holidays at this very holiday camp, so she was a bit giddy with excitement at being back there and excitedly relived tales of being crowned 'Princess of the Week' once.

I liked being back in that holiday camp environment, it reminded me of those hols in Butlins, where I'd watched the Red Coats and really rather wanted to be one for a while. I don't know what springs to mind when you think of chalets in a holiday camp but the chalets at this holiday camp are simply divine! They still have a quaint old fashioned exterior but inside it was nicer than a lot of hotels I've stayed in! The best of both worlds!

The workshop went really well, it's really interesting helping to create vintage looks and the girls looked fabulous. The pictures speak for themselves I think!

My cute hand knitted jumper is a charity shop find as is the skirt.

Picture Credit Max Barraclough
Max Barraclough from Mill Rythe also took some fabulous pictures of the workshop in action so pop over and take a peep at the Mill Rythe Facebook page

There's more Pictures over on The Historical Facebook page too.

So with Staycations seeming to be poplar at the moment I say Hi-De-Hi Campers! Will you be holidaying in your own country this year? We're planning to.


  1. I took the kids to a holiday park a couple of times and they loved it, far too 'cool' now though! I love the idea of these workshops, good to now they will get the look right for their show! X

  2. That looks fab! I'm off to check out all the photos.

    We're going to Somerset this year- staycations rock.

    Haha I had a similar experience to Gemma with revisiting childhood last year, we went to a wedding near 'Happy Sands Holiday Park' in Devon, and I regailed everyone with tales of how I won the Captain Coconut's Beach Ball Club dance off. Tear. Proudest moment ever.

  3. Holiday camps just remind me of weekenders now like the Rhythm Riot, Rockabilly Rave and stuff like that. I didn't do them as a child, so no happy go luck memories, more late night stumbling back to chalets after dancing and drinking all night ;o)


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