Sun - is that really you?

What's that I spy? Could it be blue skies? Sunshine and may be, just may be a glimpse of spring?.............. Let's hope so, as much as I love and adore my faux fur it's lovely to be able to go out with just a light weight coat, sunglasses although despite the fact we've not too much sun yet, I've still managed to break a pair of sunglasses already this year. Tut!

My favourite type of sunglasses are the wayfarer style - and Primark always had a good selection on these in various frame colours so you can have as much fun or coordination as you like for just a couple of pounds a pair.

RIP sunnies- these are the ones I broke a few weeks ago
I don't spend lot of money on a pair of sunglasses. A) I can't afford to B) I like to have a selection of frames/colours C) I'm far to clumsy. My glasses don't break because they are cheap, they break because I'm a clumsy Clara or a forgetful fool. I like second hand glasses too, you just have to check the lenses aren't too scratched but you can find some good true vintage ones out there if you're prepared to hunt.

Charity shop 1970's sunglasses 50p
I'm hoping that elusive fella aka the sun, is here to stay. Just in case you need some style inspiration for some new sunnies I thought we could take a look at how they've been sported in the past. Step into my time machine and let's hit the sunny days of times gone by.....


Life magazines are always amazing to look through so if you ever come across some cheap then they are worth buying. 
Grace Kelly

Lauren Becall
Do you need full on sunshine before you grab your shades or do you throw them on the moment it starts to get bright?......


  1. It's always sunny here, except in summer when it rains each afternoon. I live in sunnies and have a pair in each handbag, the car, the bike basket and on top of the fridge for emergencies. I love Lauren Bacalls pair, but have gone off wayfarers - had many in the 80s - but now my teenage son wants a pair!

  2. I'm a massive fan of sunglasses! I have a lovely collection myself, mainly wayfarers!

  3. I'm one of those freaky people who even needs sunglasses in Winter you know when the sky is all white and cloudy, it's just too bright for my delicate eyes ;o)

    I love sunglasses always on the look out for vintage ones!

  4. I need to put some sunnies in my car...even in winter you get the odd dazzling morning!

  5. You look fabulous in your 70's specs, but I expect you knew I'd say that! x

  6. I've always got them with me - currently liking my heart-shaped pair. Love vintage ones too though, cats-eye or big 70s ones.


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