I do not like snow

There I said it! It makes me want to do this............

I don't like being cold, I also don't like being too hot. It's a British thing, moaning about the weather. It was quite a quiet weekend for me , partly due to snow and yes slightly too much vino. Completely accidental. No big night out was planned, in fact I was home by about ten! Friday night I had a meeting with The Historical Sauces  about a wedding fair we have coming up. Meeting finished, we had wine. Then went to the shop for more wine. Then went to pub........ You get the picture. The sauces did indeed end up on the sauce.

Those of you on Twitter may have seen that it wasn't just my fellow Sauces in the pub with me.... also keeping me company was this divine 1940's handbag that I got for a bargain on ebay, actually I got two for about £15 (for the pair!) including postage. This one is the prettiest, with gorgeous green lining (I will show you more pictures in the next post - Having looked around the house, I've a few bits that I've picked up over the last few months I haven't yet written about so I will do a treasure post very soon!

So Friday was a good productive day! Slightly ruined by Saturday not being very productive at all! Whoops. But I did take myself out for a walk to try and clear my head. Why I though that would be a good idea in such arctic conditions I do not know. My head felt a little more sensitive than usual and I ended up with what felt like and ice cream headache most of the way! It's okay I know I deserve no sympathy.

However something cheered me up quite a lot was walking past a charity shop and spotting this hostess trolley...... for an amazing £2!

It's all shiny and lovely! Wheels need a bit of oil - I wouldn't want to use it for a tea trolley right now, but it's going to be a super little item for storage. How fab is it?!!

Sunday I finally watched the last Harry Potter film. I'm a huge fan of this wizard! I've been putting off watching the last film because I didn't want to feel completely over. I can still vividly remember the moment when I was on the final word of the final page of the final book.... oh did I cry! I hated that feeling of knowing that was it. There was no more!

Seeing the final film has made me want to read the books all over again. Has a series of books ever had such a diverse readership? I hope people are still reading these books in fifty years time.

Finally just to let you know............I've been interviewed by  vintage blogger and seller called Your Vintage Life. The questions were really interesting and really made me think about the decades I enjoy.  People over look the fifties. It wasn't all rock and roll and fashion.......... Pop over and have a read and let me know what you think! Click here to read the interview


  1. Sounds a great work day. :)

    I'm afraid that I am rather tired of Harry Potter, but only because n'er a day goes by without some mention of it for me! Hazard of the job. Mind you it's Twilight now... :)

  2. 2 quid? What a bargain! Did you have to push I home though? I did when I bought my wooden one, through a construction site and the centre of town. but I was an art student, so weirdness expected

  3. ps. Just tagged you in a quizzy thing I've done on my blog. :)

  4. I pushed it some of the way and carried it the rest for fear of damaging people and cars as it's wheels do need a dash of oil! I'm used to getting peculiar looks, I'm no longer fazed. I except that red lipstick and victory rolls on an average street in the middle of the day does look different so will be pondered by folks passing by!

    Will pop over to Perdit's Pursuits to check the tag out at the first opportunity! :O)


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