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I like Kelly Brook's style, she is generally an all-round gorgeous girl. She was named as a style icon in my recent blog give away so I thought I do a little feature about her, but then I stumbled across some fluffy mules that are part of her collection for New Look, so I thought I'd do a feature about those instead! Look at these beauties........ (I'd *love* a pair)

New Look £19.99 (also available in pink and red)
I stumbled across these as I was doing some research on vintage style night wear. Aren't they just so glam! I do not wear slippers. I personally do not like slippers but these are something else! So Hollywood glam, so oh la la. Possibly a little camp for some tastes but who cares?! Once that front door is shut and you’re in your own home, what's wrong with swooshing around the house like you're Jean Harlow. Swooshing is highly underrated.

Days are not always as special as we'd like. Life is stressful and busy, sometimes it's good to inject yourself with a bit of glamour - just because you can. How you get that is up to you. May be it's a good red lipstick, some gorgeous shoes that hurt your feet but you love them anyway or maybe it's throwing on some fluffy mules and a gown just to sit around at home and watch the TV.  Here I am ordering a pizza....

Okay, you may have guessed that’s not me but you get my point? For now my slipperless feet must leave you. I'm at a vintage wedding fair on Saturday with The Historical Sauces so I am still preparing and organising myself for it (when not getting distracted by fluffy slippers.......)

If anyone is in Norfolk on Saturday or you know any brides to be that are, then do have a look at this link, it should be a good event and of course I will report back with pictures! We are actually giving little talks on lipstick and lingerie so wish us luck!

Oh and one final shameless plug  ;O).......... I've been interviewed by the lovely Kate at Your Vintage Life. I discuss the fifties, if you haven't taken a look yet then pop over and have a read. Feel free to let me know what you think. I found the questions really interesting; they certainly gave me an opportunity to talk about the things that often get over looked in that decade.



  1. ooh I think I'll be heading to New Look then! I had some pink fluffy slippers from Topshop, but the dog ate them, argh!

  2. Love those mules!! I have been after a pair just like those for a while now, so I can flounce around in my flat like a movie-star. Oh yes.

  3. I just bought one pair in each colour as "research" lol or for "photoshoot props" ;-). Now I'm working on a silky ensamble to go with them teehee

  4. Oh I hope there are some lefty on the shelves when I get there!

    Miss Simmonds - you must keep these ones away from the dog! Hopefully your feet weren't in them when he started to chew.....

  5. I am more of a "heels off the moment i am through the door - squishy slippers ON" kinda gal - so these would be a no from me. Also - the cats would attack and maul. On account of the feathers..

  6. Well I imagine they might be fun for the boudoir, although you could break an ankle if you got caught in that rug! I don't wear uggs out of the house, but I do love my boot style slippers for the home - I need better central heating if I'm too be wearing mules!


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