The calm before the storm of #ZOMGbloggersbash

For those of you that are not tweeters then #ZOMGbloggersbash is a hashtag that has been flying around all over twitter for the last few weeks. It's linked  to an event that was thrown on Monday night by  ReeRee Rocket, the creator of lipstick brand Rockalily. ZOMG is a new colour (a bright cerise type of pink) that's been added to the range and this time ReeRee has collaborated with beauty blogger The London Lipgloss.  The idea of the event was to not only to launch this new lip colour but to have a blogger get together.

Thanks to some cheap train tickets being offered at the moment, I was able to get there and back for a fabulously cheap £10! So I took this as an opportunity to have a weekend away and then go to the event before coming home on the Monday night. Yey! Before jumping on the train on Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to grab lunch with a friend and it was so beautifully sunny that we sat outside. Eating alfresco in January? How simply marvellous is that? Sunglasses and faux fur ahoy!

I love trains. I still get very excited by journeys that involve this kind of transport. Far less stressful than a bus and much more relaxing than driving. I always take a pile of stuff to read or write with me, but rarely do I ever do anything with it. I like to watch the world whizz past. That feeling of seeing grey industrial blur followed by a sudden blast of vibrant green countryside keeps my eyes wandering towards the window. I think I'm generally so busy, and trying to stick to deadlines that the two hours it takes from Norwich to London are a perfect way to just stop and just enjoy the world passing by. 

I've started using the Iphone app Instagram, which I've used to take the picture above and there will be a few more further on in the post. It's a Free app! I really like it, if you follow me on Twitter you will notice that I will be tweeting more pictures from now on - this app just makes is so easy!

70's sunglassses 50p via charity shop
I hadn't planned to do much in London, I love the place so much that I'm happy to wander around and do it on the cheap. I constantly fear that the free galleries and museums will one day have to charge, which would be a tragedy! I simply adore the National Gallery, I feel so completely overwhelmed by the scale of the building and the art. It's all such an explosion of wonderfulness, the first time I attended on my own a few years ago (something about going alone felt like such a grown up thing to do!) I actually cried!!

It was all so breathtakingly beautiful. To this day whe I visit, I still get tears in my eyes! Partly I think because I think back to crybabygate but also because I still  feel in awe of the building and all it contains. It feels such an honour to be looking at all these amazing pieces of history. I'm not an art expert - I don't have a degree, I just have a heart that appreciates such wonderful things. If you stood next to me in the gallery and asked me what the artist was trying to convey, I probably couldn't tell you. If you asked me what I though and felt about it then that's something I can answer. (I may also cry - but remember it's not you, it's me!)

So I've digressed slightly (a lot) and I bet you are all wondering just what I got up to? What did I see and photograph? Well.........................actually........ nothing! We had a chilled out evening Friday and on Saturday I didn't set my alarm and woke up at 12pm!! 12pm!! I wasn't even late to bed! I don't know what happened top me. I think it was not being at home where I'm constantly thinking, planning, writing, researching etc that the moment I started to relax my body seems to have made the most of it! So whilst I'd love to tell you that I did oodles of lovely touristy things, I can't! My afternoon was spent in a pub ( not exactly a punishment I know) and then we went and had a yummy dinner in the evening - and I was still yawning by about 8pm! Not too tired to round off the dinner with some limencello though. Who needs pudding when you can have this?!

Sunday I did a bit of work, I'm really excited that I've been asked to do an interview (more news of that to come soon) I had it all completed when my laptop died on me about two weeks ago, taking my Q& A and about a hundred million pictures (slight exaggeration, but there were lots) with it. So it's been quite manic the last two weeks trying to keep all my plates spinning. An unexpected trip to the dentist (followed by 2 days of feeling sorry for my self and my purse) found me playing catch up a bit. May be all of this explains my marathon sleep!

So having accidentally  forcing a quite relaxing weekend on myself, I was refreshed and energised for the event on Monday night! Which was handy as I was actually working at the event (I'm still excited about that!) I attended with The Historical Sauces and we manned (womaned?) a table full of testers and of course we took a mini pop up library with books packed with historical details on lipstick and cosmetics. Lucy (Glamourologist) also took along her beautiful collection of lipsticks that date back to the 1920's - as always we wanted to add some history and interest to an event and I think we certainly pulled that off.

ReeRee (I love this picture!)

The Tigz Rice Studios photobooth was a huge hit with the visitors - us included!  Our cute little mortar boards were custom made for us by the clever Sugar and Hatter
Our table was busy pretty much all of the night, I talked so much that I woke up the next day with a croaky voice! It was such a fun event, really interactive. Not only were we on hand but there was cup cake decorating ( the icing on these cup cakes was just divine) and we were also lucky enough to be next to one of the most talented hair stylists I've ever seen! Kelly of Honey Bare (who I now have a bit of a girl crush on) was amazing to watch! She is so talented. People seemed a bit shy at first to go and have there hair styled (despite it being free!) so I very quickly started to send people her way - and before long crowds were gathering around watching her produce some fantastic styles. If you now wish you'd gone and had Kelly work her magic. then all I can say is - I told you so!!

There was also a divine selection of clothes and robes from Betty Blues Loungerie . We were all very taken with some gorgeous red hollywood glamour style robes. Gemma almost wouldn't take one off and I for one, have since been day dreaming of swooshing around the house in one with my two sausage dogs (which are also imaginary!)

Lovely event, sadly we had to miss the burlesque acts, as we had to get the train. Unfortunately the burlesque performace area was *exacly* the area that we needed to make our exit via - it began minutes before we were ready to leave so after several minutes of being trapped by a burlesque artist (not as fun as it sounds when you fear missing your train!) I took decisive action and made a pitifully poor attempt at trying to discreetly work my way round the performance area with a suitcase and two big bags, finally climbing over chairs to get to the door. So I'm sorry to anyone who has a recording of me saying ''excuse me please - I'm so sorry!'' as they filmed the acts, I'm sorry (again!)

Several minutes later Gemma and Lucy had followed my lead and we headed of to the station. No we didn't miss the train and we even managed to get a nice train picnic and some cans of gin and tonic for the journey!

Lucy has reviewed the event for The Historical Sauces blog which you can read here.

You can also see more pictures on the facebook page.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend :-)

  2. Soooooooooooo nice to meet you :)

  3. Sounds like my sort of weekend! Thanks for sharing your stories! BTW! I love Rockalily lipstick. I recently discovered the brand and now wear it most days. :-)


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