Boats, trains and lipstick mobiles

Happy belated Valentine's Day! How was it for you? Personally I like the fact there’s a day when the whole world is actively encouraged to show a little love. Yes I think every day should be filled with romantic and good old nice gestures but often they're not. If you happen to be with someone who isn't a natural romantic then they’re probably grateful to be given some assistance on how, what and when to do it!

I was planning to do a mid-week love link to what I've enjoyed reading online lately, but I've simply been overwhelmed with activities and events to do much reading so I only have that partly written - I will be making a ginormous pot of tea and catching up with all the interesting things people have been writing about shortly, which of course I will then pass on to you.

So what have I been up to? Well, I was lucky enough to attend a Benefit masterclass and play with lots of make-up (bliss!) but I shall write a separate post on that so I can show you oodles of pictures. I also attended A Most Curious Wedding Fair with The Historical Sauces…..

We were there with our pop up reading room which as usual was chock-full with books for folks to grab some free inspiration from. That’s always a popular feature, people just love to be able to sit down and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the fair. This time we also set up a glamorous boudoir. Gemma brought along her beautiful dressing table which we used to make a dazzling display of the Besame lipsticks and the What Katie Did seamed stockings and tights we had for sale.

Picture Courtesy of Retro Chick
We had a lovely time and it was super getting to meet lots of visitors, some planning weddings, some planning parties. There were lots of interesting ideas in people heads and we're  excited about being able to help some of those ideas become a reality. I didn’t get a chance to see much of the fair but there was lots going on. Fashion shows, activities, workshops…. Speaking of which, we gave talks on getting the perfect pout and vintage lingerie. I know some of you arrived too late and missed us, I’m so sorry! We're thinking that next time we will need to run more than two talks a day to give your more opportunity to swing by.

On the day we were also on hand for one to one lipstick workshops. Talking you through lipstick shades, how to apply and make the most of your lipstick all day long. You may have seen a previous post where I oohed and ahhhed over my latest find – a gold tea trolley? Well, we are The Historical Sauces and we do like  to make everything we do interesting so on the day that little tea trolley that had stood unloved and quivering outside a charity shop in the bitter cold was given a stylish makeover and became a much admired lipstick workstation.

When the trolley isn't being our glam assistant, she will be living in the kitchen providing storage for cook books. It feels good to give something old and overlooked a whole new lease of life. To celebrate our amazing day and Lucy’s 21st birthday (cough cough) we went on a boat picnic. In February.... which may sound a little traumatic but it was such a giggle. We caught a train to the Norfolk Broads then boarded our little boat armed with picnic baskets, flasks, mittens, hats, ear muffs, scarves, cava and gin. All those little life essentials to keep you warm, well fed and watered.

Despite the broads looking a little like the Antarctic with big chunks of ice in the water and many jokes about Titanic in a boat that was actually teeny tiny, we sailed/chugged away in to the wilds of the broads where it then rained. Hard. Fortunately the boat had its own rain hat so we pulled up its little hood and carried on. Doing anything that involved movement was not easy when you had a life jacket over 4 layers of clothing and a big faux fur coat as shown here…

Picture courtesy of Retro Chick. * No Sauce was harmed in the making of these pictures, despite it looking like I am about to be strangled.....
Thank you Mr Chick for taking the above series of boat photos. I'm sure herding cats would have been easier!

Hope you're all having a good week so far. It's Wednesday, we are alomost at the weekend again people. Hang on in there!


  1. The fair looks like it was great!

    Brave ladies, going out on the icy broads. Brrr.


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