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Following on from the last post about the Vintage Style book by Sarah Kennedy, I've been thinking about who my style icons are. I love Marilyn because she was truly beautiful and always looked gorgeous whether she was wearing a floor length frock, a pencil skirt or jeans. But who else do I think personifies style and glamour? Well one icon I was glad to see in the Sarah Kennedy book was Elizabeth Taylor. Does she get enough credit for being a screen siren? I think possibly not.

Yet she herself sparkled with charisma as much as any diamond she may have worn. She certainly had a screen presence and the phrase 'it's better to be looked over, than over looked' could have been written for her it's so perfect. She was a true screen siren, possibly a diva but always dressed up to the point of being OTT at times. I once saw a lady on a mobility scooter who was just like Liz Taylor in her later years. Flamboyant, decadent but utterly glamourous in her beret, fur coat and huge sunglasses! Yes, when I hit my pension years, may be that will be me!

The 50's Elizabeth Taylor look is all about glamour. Think styled hair, red lipstick AND heavy eyes . None of this one or the other business. To recreate her look think of colour. Jewelled coloured 50s style dresses (or may be 50s originals if you're lucky!) Mostly what I think is so utterly fabulous about her was her confidence. She seemed to have led a life that was as times as OTT her some of her wardrobe, but she certainly had a full life that's for sure.

January can be a tough month as we all wait for pay day, we still need glamour in our lives though! Why not get dressed up to the nines and have everyone over for dinner? Send out invites with a theme such as Hollywood glam. Host a come dine with me style get together, or have a living room dinner dance!  Even beans on toast will be scrumptious if you're eating it dressed up in black tie event attire, pop a Marilyn film on, get the fairy lights back out of the loft and you have yourself a soiree!  

If you need a treat then courtesy of Carlton Books Publishing, I have 5 books by Sarah Kennedy called Vintage Style, featuring Elizabeth Taylor as one of 25 icons of fashion. Carlton books are also having a fashion week on Twitter with vintage inspired tweets, if you're on twitter do pop over and follow them (and me too!)

If you haven't entered the give away then don't worry, you can enter up until midnight 27 Jan 2012. Just click here to read the book review, the competition rules and details of how to enter.

Vintage Style by Sarah Kennedy, published by Carlton Books, £20, is available in all good book shops and online now.


  1. I heart Liz Taylor. Such a character!

  2. Looks like my sort of book! :) I also heart Liz Taylor. A true style icon and so charismatic. There was something very special about those films stars of the 1940s/50s.

  3. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women of that time and our time, even! My granny has some features of Liz but I still don't think that there will be another like her, ever Again! This post is great! :)


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