The Iron Lady

Last week I went to see The Iron Lady. The film about Margaret Thatcher that's been causing a fair bit of controversy. I deliberately hadn't read any reviews but I couldn't help hear it being talked about in the news etc. I went with an open mind, I wasn't expecting a political documentary on the life of Mrs T but I also wasn't expecting what I ended up watching either...............

Within the first five minutes of the film starting I was putting aside any political feelings I had, having found myself watching a fragile old lady struggling to deal with dementia and the passing of her husband who died some years previously. Jim Broadbent is a god as far as I'm concerned. An absolute screen legend.

He plays Dennis Thatcher, a loving and often neglected husband in the world of Thatcher politics. Meryl Streep who plays Maggie, deserves all the credit that has been bestowed on her so far. Incredible acting. I was truly hooked on the dynamics of their relationship with the highs and the lows being shown via a series of flash backs.   

There are some great flash back scenes to to the 40's and 50's. Whilst Margaret's politics may not be my thing, strangely enough I love much of the fashion she wore in her political days. She's not renowned as a style icon but her look was very smart and stylish. Pussy bow blouses, smart skirts and lots of blue. I kid you not I have just described my own wardrobe!

A scene from The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher
Whilst waiting for the film to start I was talking about her fashions to The Boy and mentioned that it had been remarked on several occasions, that I've clothes similiar to those  Maggie would be seen in..... he frowned and said he thought not. However as the film went on. I think he started to see it...... I think my gasp at the scene that shows her wardrobe entirely filled with blue clothing sealed the deal.

I was crying my eyes out by the end. I certainly wasn't expecting that I can tell you. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara. I felt a bit distressed to be honest at seeing age virtually eat this woman up on the large screen. It was an emotional roller coaster of a film. When the credits came up at the end the whole cinema was still. There was a really odd atmosphere as I think people wondered how to react and how they felt about what they'd seen. I've never known so many people stay in their seats not moving as the credits roll.

When people did start to make a move there was quite a bit of debate and conversation about the film. Sign of a good film in my opinion, if people want to start discussing it before they've even left the cinema. This post has probably not helped you make up your mind if you should go to see it  or not, I really found it interesting watching her compete in a mans world. The Boy wasn't so keen on it. In fact we had quite a debate. He watched it from a political point of view and was bothered by some parts of the film he felt weren't quite accurate and bits he felt they should have included.

Have you seen it yet? What did you think? This picture was taken after I'd pulled myself together. I can't believe I cried so much!



  1. I'm not sure l will be able to convince the boy to come see this with me. Odd that when you Googled it a pictue of me came up xD

  2. I want to see it- apparently the make-up and aging is flawless, and the acting incredibly well observed.

    I think a lot of people are missing the point about the film- that is, she doesn't have to be a 'good' or 'nice' politician and more to the point...I can't remember that many great films or plays about nice people! I think the director quipped that King Lear isn't such a nice guy either - it's the deterioration of someone who was once mighty, indeed *too* mighty that makes a drama. You can see and enjoy the film without agreeing with her policies.

  3. Must admit I havent read much about the movie, apart from a short review in The Guardian i think it was, but I'm still unsure about whether it is for me. I'm not dying to see it, but your review has made me slightly more interested :)

  4. I saw the preview a few weeks ago and hubs and I both really want to see it! While I'm not wild about Thatcher, I am wild about Meryl Streep and the fashions look gorgeous. I'm always very curious about the lives of women in power and how they deal with getting respect from their contemporaries.

  5. I think Meryl Streep looks pretty good as MT on the poster - but surely far too screen siren-y in that first still! I'll possibly make the time to see this now, based on your review.

  6. I can't wait to see it. She fascinates me. Her politics aside she achieved a great deal, particularly as a women in what is, even today, a mans world.

  7. I think Perdita is right but I'm not sure I can face watching it. I grew up in the North East and well I think you know the rest. I'm sure were it anyone else I probably would watch it, I just can't quite bring myself to. But I am sure from what I've heard it's an excellent film!

  8. Thanks for the comments, I'd be really interested to know what you think of it. I'm considering going to watch it again. Streeps make up is amazing - but so much of the acting is conveyed through her eyes.I'm still shocked at how much I enjoyed this film.

  9. I know what you mean about her policies and teh effects they still have on generations. I am troubled that I cried so much over a film about her, I can't lie!


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