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David Niven

 Lots of bloggers do a frock Friday, but today I'm doing a face hair Friday! Partly because it gave me a reason to use this picture of the dashing David Niven (I've had a few conversations over wine with other vintage ladies about this man, but what happens in the pub, stays in the pub!) and secondly because I wanted to highlight the brilliant effort chaps all over the world made back in November for the face hair fest that is Movember.

For those of you who may not be familiar with this event chaps get sponsored to grow a mo (also known as a tash) for the whole of November. The money raised goes to programmes run by Movember and their  men’s health partners The Prostate Cancer Charity and The Institute of Cancer Research.

For me it was a glorious month of watching my chaps in the office become, well chaps quite frankly. There was much excitement and some serious conversations and inquisitive comparing going on. I've watched several conversations take place bout adapting eating techniques for certain types of food. For someone like me, who is fascinated by folk and loves to people watch it was an amazing month!

This office activity along side all the social media and the man on the street, means November 2011 was a face hair fest indeed. I love walking down the street and seeing two men walk past each other sporting mo's and you could just see that although they didn't know each other there was some sort of recognition there.  Respect for the mo. 

So because it's important that we are all aware of our health, I'm going to re post some stats from my previous post. Awareness of how healthy your bits are chaps is not just for November. I know this isn't really a vintage post, but this blog started off as a fashion blog and has evolved into a lifestyle blog really so today it is face hair, next week who knows?! (Okay, actually I do know, but I can't tell you yet. I know something else too, I'm a tease! I can't say a word until Monday)

Some important facts and stats courtesy of the Movember UK website
Prostate Cancer Facts
  • 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK – one man is diagnosed every 15 minutes 
  • A man will die from prostate cancer every hour - more than 10,000 men will die of the disease this year in the UK
  • African Caribbean men are three times more likely to develop prostate cancer. 
  • You are 2.5 times more likely to develop prostate cancer if your father or brother has had it Occurrences of prostate cancer in men are comparable to the rates of breast cancer in women
  •  Testicular cancer in the UK affects younger men between the ages of 20 and 50. There were 1,990 men diagnosed with the disease in 2007
  •  Men are 80% less likely to visit their GP and stay in touch with their doctors than women in the UK, thereby denying themselves the chance of early detection and effective treatment
So well done to all you chaps who rocked your mo's for the month of November. I was sorry to see them go, but I know many of you were relieved to have your faces back! Thanks to those who offered their pictures for this blog, I'm sure you will be an inspiration for Movember 2012 and I look forward to seeing how creative your mo's are this year!

Mat from Southern Retro.  Do have a look at Mats ongoing project that involves people who live their lives in a vintage loving way (I'm in the gallery!) 

Mike - loving the Selleck pic!


Nick. This was one of several pictures sent by Nick (thank you!) I chose this one because of the Simon Cowell finger on face position! ;O) Nick's a really talented photographer so do pop over and check out his Flickr photos  
Well done chaps, thanks for the photos. Hope you're not missing that face wool now it's turned nippy! Get your diary's out and remember Movember in 2012!


  1. ha great post. Great to see that people got so involved.Well done boys! Men are not always very active at monitoring their own health so it's good that awarness is raised like this.


  2. Am sorry I swooned at David Niven and can't quite concentrate on the rest of the post. LOVE.

    But good to see Nick and Mat and hearing the stories behind this.

  3. I love Movember. Firstly, it supports a great charity that needs to be promoted, and secondly, well, I love facial hair on men!

    ps: Loving the idea of 'Face Hair Friday' :P

  4. I love the idea of Movember but I absolutely HATE facial hair! ewwwww

  5. I love Movember, sadly my husband looks like a spiv or a villain with one. Ha ha!


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