Breakfast at Tiffany's on the big screen

If you happen to be in Norwich on 28th September then Cinema City is showing this classic, so it's quite a unique chance to watch Ms.Hepburn grace the big screen. If you have *never* seen it before then this is an opportunity not to miss!

You can buy your tickets in advance which is probably wise, as this event is part of Norwich fashion week so it will be popular.

Vintage Norwich have been asked to help out, so we will be in the bar area from 7 pm. Do come and say hello. We will have a mini mobile library of vintage fashion books for you to browse through as you sip on a bellini or whatever tipple tickles your taste buds. Think of us Vintage Norwich girls as lipsticked up, cocktail drinking librarians....

The film starts at 8:30pm. We will be staying in the bar area, so even if you just fancy a drink on a school night them come and join us. You don't have to be attending the film to enjoy the atmosphere of the bar area, and the bar is set in a truly stunning building, with a beautiful court yard.

There will also be music, a dressing up box with some fun accessories like hats and pearls and the best dressed chap or doll of the evening will win a years free membership to Cinema City and an exclusive Vintage Norwich goodie bag. Anything goes. Dressing up is optional but if you want to don a little black dress, pearls and tiara, or dust off that frock you've only worn once or perhaps you chaps are just desperate for an excuse to get dressed up to the nines then this is a good excuse.

And where will Vintage Norwich be after the film?........You guessed it - the bar! The perfect place for you to have another drink before home time and tell us what you thought of the film.
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Mid week link love

In July I wrote a post called Mid week love links. Amy Winehouse had just tragically passed away and reactions were very mixed. Most peoples twitter feeds and facebook pages seemed to be filling up with cross words as people voiced opinions, thoughts and in my opinion some very sweeping and outrageous statements about the tragedy. So at the time it seemed like a good idea to just share some love by giving a shout out to some blogs that I'd recently enjoyed.

It got such a good reaction that I thought I would repeat it. Infact, I'm considering making it a regular feature. There are some amazing writers, photographers and creative people out there. Blogs for me, are like magazines. Firstly, they are free. Excellent... more money to either save (I probably won't do this) or put towards a vintage gem (I probably absolutely will do this) Secondly, they are brilliant inspiration.

Blogging is a brilliant way to actually just do something you enjoy and it's a fantastic platform to show what you can do. So some of these you may know, some of them you may be about to discover......

A bit of a shout out for some boy bloggers. There are not enough of you out there. Chaps, if you are considering blogging but are concerned it's a woman's world please don't be put off. I know there's a lot of us, but really we are quite nice and don't bite (most of the time) Hopefully these two links will inspire you....

Tales of a Southern Retro offers 'a retrospective man's guide to mid - century life' his latest post tells of his trip to Norwich to take some portraits for his project that captures vintage as a lifestyle choice. Read it here

Eclectic Ephemera writes about a range of era's and is especially fond of the 20's and 30's. His latest post has some stunning transport images. Read it here

Next is a shameless plug for my fellow Vintage Norwich Girls

Glamour_ologist has been writing about eyebrow trends through the decades. Read it here.

Retro Chick
recently wrote a post about styling hair in a vintage way. I've a similar post half written but my hair is much longer, so you girls with mid length locks could find this very useful. Setting hair my sound like a lot of effort, but really it's a bit of a discovery for a lazy girl who would rather spend an extra 30 minutes in bed in the mornings..... Read it here.

Another blog I've been enjoying and is well worth popping over to........

Tales from Betty Bee Towers who this week wrote about hair accessories that could inspire you to get experimental and perhaps make your own? Read it here
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Granny Chic

Who doesn't love a pussy bow?

This post was actually sparked by a tweet by a fellow blogger Rosie who writes Out with the new, in with the old. Whilst watching Eastenders Rosie tweeted about a fab dress Dot Cotton was wearing which had palm trees on it. At seeing this tweet I thought ''It's not just me!!' Hoorah! So often, I find my self watching Dot,other OAP characters on TV or even in the street and I want to own their dresses, bags, shoes, hats, scarves etc etc. I want those items that have been making the world pretty and glam for so many years.

I love a pussy bow!

Beige mac and kelly bag - yes I wear both of these items.

So who else loves what I like to call a bit of 'granny Chic'? I was once on a train sitting opposite a lady who had some gorgeous 1960's courts on. If she'd had the same size feet I might have thought about offering her some money for them (and a shoe swap of course!) I expect she would have called the guard.... I wonder.......

I've several pairs of 'granny style' shoes. A T bar works fabulously with anything. Even a pair of skinny jeans in my opinion.

I'm very partial to dresses that fall just below the knee. I've no idea how old this one is, it's been handmade. It certainly has some age to it. Any guesses? It's quite 50's looking and a very classic shape.

Whatever age it is, I love it. It's a fab shape, I wish I was clever enough to make a dress. It's still on my 'must learn' list

Some of you will have seen this snap of me before. I'm the one in the second picture. Just so you know.
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Girl meets..... steel boned corset.........

Here follows a tale of drama, terror and love......

Recently I received a message on Twitter asking me if I would like to go to the No strings Burlesque and cabaret night that was being held in Norwich. Of course my reply was an enthusiastic YES! Pretty soon I was having that ''hmmmm what do I have to wear?'' voice in my head. Yes I had options. My red wiggle dress would have fitted the bill..... but looking for inspiration, I looked around online I kept coming back to pictures of the very beautiful Dita Von Teese which made me start to ponder a corset.

I've worn corsets before, but never a steel boned one. There is a difference. A huge difference. Not just in the way they shape and support you but the difference in price can be huge.

Being the budget conscious girl that I am (translation = skint) I started to look around and I was getting more and more interested in the idea of attending the evening sporting a burlesque look. It's one of those events where pretty much 'anything goes' dress wise, so it was *the* perfect opportunity to go for it.

My normal day look is of often quite demure (ish!) mainly 40's/50's style day dresses. I'm very partial to a pussy bow, so this was going to be something a little different to say the least! But I couldn't afford to pay over £100 for a corset and I was finding some utterly stunning ones but with an utterly unaffordable price tag for my budget.

Then I discovered a shop on Ebay selling beautiful corsets. *This is not a sponsored post, I've received no gifted items from this store. It's not a review for a freebie I've been given. I paid for my corset with my own hard earned cash and I'm just so thrilled with it, that I felt this store deserved a shout out and a well deserved pat on the back*

Not only did the shop Corsets Boulevard Ltd have an electric blue colour (my favourite) but the corsets were also longer length which means they sit on your hips and over your tummy creating an amazing hour glass shape. Combine that with the fact that the price was £29.95 (plus £3.50 postage) I decided to take a leap of faith and hoped it would be as good as the pictures made it appear.

It came within 2 days and as soon as I opened it I gasped as the colour was magnificent! I'm a bit like a child at Christmas when I get something new and I couldn't wait to get my self all corseted up.

What follows is NOT a tale of elegance, so if you like to think of me as graceful, cool and sophisticated.....stop reading now...

I got the corset on - a bit of a wrestle with the fastenings at the front but nothing I couldn't handle. I look in the mirror and I can see the lace needs tightening at the back.... So of course I tighten it a little? No of course I tighten it A LOT! But, I'm okay, I'm standing looking in the mirror thinking this makes my waistline look *amazing* About a minute later I'm starting to feel a bit too constricted. Then a little ill. I've pulled this corset far to tight in one go.......

It's fine, I will just loosen it... Oh...I seemed to have managed to tighten in such a way that I couldn't loosen it, or undo it. Oh dear. Don't panic. Three minutes later - I'm feeling sick and panicking. No one is home to assist me..... EEEEK! I've tried the corset on over my underwear so I think that if I can some how wiggle out of my bra then I would have a little more wriggle room....... Believe me - at this moment every millimeter counts.

I can't undo the bra because I'm very restricted so I'm in the middle of the living room wriggling out of the bra as best I can by trying to pull it still fastened up, over my head. The hooky bit still managed to get caught in my hair so not only was I trapped in a corset (albeit a beautiful one) I now had a bra caught in my hair, hanging like some kind of alternative fascinator.

I was at the point of feeling quite sick (perhaps it was my kidney pushed up into my chest) I couldn't get in the car and drive to someones house and I wasn't quite ready to meet the new neighbours with a ''hello - welcome to your new home, by the way can you do me a favour???'' so I just had to keep going and I did indeed manage an escape the greatest magician would have been proud of. It was then that I learned that steel boned corsets are a bit of a unique piece of clothing. You don't just throw them on like a pair of jeans. They need TLC.

I've mastered that corset. (Although, I asked The Boy to tighten it for me 5 minutes before I was due to leave the house and he somehow managed to re-lace it. Wrong. Which left me having to correct it all!..) It's beautiful and I can't wait to wear it again. I wore it for hours Saturday night and it was unbelievably comfortable.

So Ladies - I am convinced that we all need one. But you must start of wearing it loosely - around the house is fine. You can then just tighten the laces at the back slowly. Slowly is key. Mid way through the night on Saturday my corset was laced as tight as it had been on that first time. Because I'd tightened it slowly my body adjusted and wasn't shocked.

At the event there were petite breasted ladies and generous busted gals and they ALL looked fab in their steel boned corsets. It really is an item that seems to suit all shapes. If you are curvy it works with those curves, if you are more athletic it creates them. It's a fascinating piece of engineering really!

If you don't want to spend fortune but want something beautiful, I would highly recommend this Ebay shop. Whether it's for an event, a wedding, a boudoir shoot (it comes with detachable suspenders) or may be you just want something beautiful on a budget. If you want to try a steel boned corset then this is a bank balance friendly way to treat yourself. I completely adore my blue one and I've had so many compliments on it already. I now have my eye on a green one. Do I need another corset? Possibly not. Do I want another one? Absolutely yes.

Corsets Boulevard Ltd
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I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted. I'm so sorry, it's been a crazy jam packed week that's seen me dashing here there and every where.It's been busy = good though, not busy = bad. I've been whizzing around trying to combine a full time job, writing, meetings connected to the writing and it's a juggling act isn't it? I feel I've achieved a lot the last week or so, but it's been a bit manic at times. Interesting but manic. What is the secret to successfully spinning plates?

Last Tuesday I had a photo shoot with Mat from Southern Retro. Mat is producing portraits for his ongoing project about people who live a vintage inspired lifestyle day to day. Not just getting dressed up for an event, but people where it's actually a life choice.

Now the last time I had a solo photo shoot was with the school photographer and it's likely I'd have been sporting train track braces and a perm. Yes a perm. People didn't straighten their hair in the early 90's, and I loved having curly hair. I still do. Even fringes didn't escape the perm rods in those days.

Now sadly I don't have an old school photos to show you.(Really you should be thanking me. I would fear for the safety of your laptops.Drinking tea whilst witnessing my old school pics would undoubtedly result in spitting tea out as you hoot with laughter)

So back to the shoot. The night before I slept in my hot sticks. (I will post more about these later - they are fab) So I went to bed looking like I had a head full of black slugs, I wouldn't normally sleep in them and not sure I'd repeat that experience. I might stick to foam rollers for over night sets. I chose to wear a blue dress and of course red lipstick. I don't have any pictures to show you so as soon as Mat has has them ready I will let you know.

It was fun.I was nervous, but Mat was lovely and we had a natter and a cuppa before he set up his equipment and turned my lounge into a studio! My natural photo face is to grin. My natural face setting generally involves a smile of some sort really. I'm getting better at posing but I wouldn't say I'm a natural.

I know there were a few of me blinking - which always makes one look half cut! (I wonder if Mat keeps the out takes?...) But Mat assures me he got some super shots and that I was a lovely subject (I told you he was nice!) So I have every confidence that they're going to be fab. He came all the way from Brighton to photograph six of us vintage lovers, so by the time the pictures appear on the website it will be like a big vintage 'hello' from Norwich!

If you're interested in sitting for Mat then you can contact him on his page. Mat also writes a blog - Tales of a Southern Retro and I'm constantly making noise that there just aren't enough boy bloggers out there so do take a look at it (chaps there's a really useful post about the basics of men's retro style)

I've also had a meeting with the Vintage Norwich ladies - Retro chick and Glamourologist. Yes it involved alcohol, but we had note pads and pens and everything. So it really was a meeting......

Gemma (aka Retro Chick - yes, we also get confused when discussing peoples names, do you use the real name, the writing name, the twitter name?!) presented me with a Vintage Norwich mug and some business cards for when I am out and about.

On Saturday I attended an event that means I have now lost my steel boned corset virginity..... more on that this week. I was very lucky to attend as it was a sell out show and I was there reviewing in for Vintage Norwich and snapping pics of everyone having a super time.

I love candid photography. It allows you to capture a window in time in a completely different way from a portrait. So I took quite a few candid shots of the lovely folk dressed up and having a jolly good time.

I attended this event all on my own, and I was nervous as although I've tweeted with a few people who would be there, I hadn't actually met anyone, so thank you everyone who made the effort to say hello and even those who were just generally very nice - the folk who I danced with, took pictures of me, chatted to me at the bar. I'm really glad I braved it to go on my own. It's good to step out of the comfort zone. I really had a great night.

More pics to follow but here are a few as I know this has been a word heavy post! I hope you are still awake at this point...... I've been slack at documenting life this week. Mainly due to evenings with cocktails and vino. We also went out for cocktails and fizz with Mat from Southern Retro during his visit. Well it would have been rude not too.... (hello two for one cocktails!)

So a few pics to leave you with.....

The start of my Saturday evening..... (This corset will be getting it's very own blog post)

After the show.....

End of the evening.....

I'm now convinced all events need a portable tashe bar. Who would have thought some little bits of felt could provide so much amusement. By this point the 'boob tashe' was trending, the bar was closed, we'd just finished dancing. Home time. Getting out of that corset is as hard as getting into it. Vino does not make this challenge any easier....

More pics of the night to follow. Just so you know what to expect...there will be fire eating and a performer in metal knickers....with an angle grinder. I kid you not.
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Wardrobe drama of a different kind

 I don't know whether I want to scream or cry.

I've been looking for vintage wardrobes for ages. There are three things I've had to take in to consideration - 1) price 2) size 3) loveliness. I don't have a huge budget for it, we live in a terrace, so size is very important due to stairs and room space and I don't want to settle for any old wardrobe, I want something that makes me swoon. Those three important factors have proved a very tricky combination.

But recently I found something that ticked all those boxes. ALL the boxes. If saying I want a wardrobe to make me swoon sounds fanciful, dramatic or maybe a bit weird, let me explain that I'm not a girl who dreams about being  a princess or lusts after expensive handbags and shoes. I aspire to rehome interesting things. That's what makes me happy albeit a vintage dress, an old picture, china or furniture etc.

So after falling in love with a 1950's wardrobe in a charity shop, I asked the shop lady if she would hold it for me as I needed to check the measurements. This she did and the next day we went back with tape measure in hand and checked the dimensions of the wardrobe against the measurements we had carefully noted down. It would fit. Hoorah, I was so chuffed. We weren't sure when we would be in for delivery so the lady said I could buy the wardrobe and they would just keep it for me for as long as they needed to. I paid my money and arranged to go back and pay/arrange for delivery later this month.

I was tickled pink that I'd finally found such a beautiful wardrobe. I've been visualising this wardrobe in our room. I'd even started writing about it. It wasn't just any ordinary wardrobe, the handles were really detailed and like nothing I'd seen before and the shelves inside were labeled 'shirts' etc, it was really beautiful with interesting details.  In preparation for the new one coming, I emptied the existing wardrobe, we dismantled it so we would get it down the stairs. The Boy then put it back together again in the downstairs hall and I gave it a clean. I'd told the charity shop I would donate the wardrobe that my lovely new 1950's one would replace.

I'm sure you have worked out this story does not have a happy ending..........I tried to arrange delivery only to be told that they didn't know what wardrobe I was talking about. They asked if I could I see it on the shop floor as it wasn't out the back......... No I could not see it on the shop floor. I then receive an apology before being advised that they must have ''accidentally sold it to someone else'' ........despite it having 'sold' on it, they sold MY wardrobe all bought and paid for to someone else!!!!!!!!

I had to take a big breath before I dare speak! I know it wasn't intentional. (Actually - I don't know that, as I wasn't there when it was sold to person number 2, so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here) I was so annoyed and upset!!! If this had been a high street or department store I would have complained a lot more, how much can you complain in a charity shop? What would you have done? An apology and a refund is all I have now. That and a pile of clothes and shoes and a wardrobe by my front door! *sob*
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Holiday adventures

As I mentioned in the last post it's been a wee quiet on the blog the last week or so as I've had two glorious weeks off from the day job. We took no time off when we moved house in April so we spent the first week doing some bits around the house. Well I say we, I emptied a bookcase and shuffled the contents across the floor then sat back and watched The Boy paint the walls.Occasionally I would nod and give encouragement - in the form of a mug of tea. He's done a good job though, he 'cuts' in and everything, I would totally skip that and start slapping it on so it's probably for the best that I'm not wielding a brush...

I also went to a 'summer soiree' in a divine little shop we have in Norwich called Poppy Valentine, it's a brilliant label that makes much of it's stock from vintage fabrics - dresses, bags, cushions etc All items stocked are made in the UK. There was some complimentary fizz and some nibbles, and a whopping 20% (at least) off the goodies. To good to miss really! I turned up just as a new bottle of fizz was being opened, well fancy that! I took so many pictures because it's just all so gorgeous.

I did treat myself, as it was such a good discount I decided I had to. I bought a lovely new make up bag, a coin purse (which I'm going to use as a mini make up bag as it's big enough to hold a lipstick & compact and these simply beautiful hair slides, made with art deco buttons. Claire the owner of Poppy Valentine (and creative genius!) told me that these buttons were given to her in a box of buttons from her grandma. This just made me love them a little bit more.

So after two glasses of fizz, I met The Boy and we decided it would be a really good idea to go and have some more. So shopping bag in hand we went on for vino. On the way home I decided that the dress I was wearing should be snapped for my Project 365 page - so here I am quite worse for wear outside a Norwich book shop.

I'm wearing a St. Michaels 80's does 40's style dress. A dream to wear. The navy blue Kelly bag was a birthday present to myself from a charity shop and the little white peep toes were from Primark £3 reduced from £6!! Such a shame they only had that pair as they are so comfy and perfect for me as we travel by foot quite a lot.

Notice I don't have a shopping bag full of goodies?.....Well we walk home, buy a chinese on route and all is well. Happily full of vino and food we go to bed, excited that we actually go on holiday the next day. 3AM - I wake up and think...'oh my god, I can't remember having my camera or my shopping bag when I got home!' so I attempt to sneak downstairs without waking The Boy up ( I'm utterly rubbish at being quiet, even more rubbish when really trying to be - so he didn't stand a chance!)  I head downstairs with that panicky feeling you get when you think you've lost your purse....camera was there! Phew!... My shopping bag wasn't. I hunted everywhere I thought I may have put it - including all those daft places that you might think were really sensible after a few vino's..............cupboards, drawers, linen basket!...It was nowhere.

So in the early hours of the morning, I'm giving myself a huge telling off for being an idiot and a drunken fool. The button hair slides were safe though, as like a child at Christmas I'd popped them in as soon as I could when we got to the bar (perhaps the bar part isn't quite so child like, although I got my first sip of the hard stuff by the time I was five - oh yes, I liked a sip of Babycham at Christmas!) So I'm convinced I've left it in the take away. Oh dear.

The Boy cleverly decides to check the camera to see if there's any last known pictures of it, which is very considerate considering I've woken him up with all this fuss and nonsense. It becomes clear that I have obviously walked all the way home without once realising I don't have my shopping! Luckily I rang the bar the next day and my faith in human nature was restored at hearing someone had handed it in! Both fortunate and suprising! So lesson learned there.......... Always take a camera out to help you trace your evening! This is where I wonder if I actually need a P.A. Or a perhaps a  carer.......................

The lovely button hair slides, I can't show you the other items I bought as I haven't picked them up from lost property yet...

The next day we wake up exhausted following the nights drama and we had to be up early as we had some errands to do before leaving for our hol and I hadn't packed a thing! What do you pack for a British holiday? The weather is so ridiculously changeable! We kept it local this year and popped over the border to Suffolk. We hired a beautiful barn conversion in a tiny village. A village so small that when we got there we found it had no pub!! A wee bit of a shock, but we had opted for a total 'away from it all' holiday this year as we have both been so so busy. Rehab though? Well that was something I wasn't really up for!

Our residence for the week

Hooray for the Co-op is what I say. The shop was a 35 min walk away and we braved the country roads with no paths and fought with the country bugs that tried to beat us back with their buzziness and eagerness to fly into my mouth (maybe that's just because mine is constantly open...)  and we purchased wine. Mission accomplished. Such a shame there was no pub though, such the heart of a village in a small community like that. I did ponder the idea of going over to the playing fields late at night on the off chance that there may be some country youths hanging out, thinking I could responsibly confiscate booze from them....... but we stuck to the supermarket.

We had the laziest week really. Very much a snooze when you like, eat what you want and let those batteries recharge. I took a vanity case full of toiletry goodies with me to have some pamper sessions. I'm now a convert to Lush products. Oh my goodness, if you haven't tried the Volcanic foot mask you simply have not lived! It's just fabulous. Perfect for chaps too.

Luckily for you all I don't have loads of pics to bore you with as frankly we were just lazy bums for a week and didn't nothing especially exciting, we just kicked back and relaxed. We did get to Southwold for some fish and chips and a nice walk on the pier and along the dunes. Southwold is such a lovely place but I have to say that Sheringham and Cromer in Norfolk are still my favorite places (I think Norfolk has better fish & chips too if I'm honest...)

Here I am a 70's dress which actually looks very 50's I think. Demonstrating how not to pose - arms behind back does not work on this occasion!

A seaside tradition, just has to be done. I don't like these plastic trays though, I want to eat my chips out of paper please!

Back to reality now. Holiday over, back to work. I expect the usual post holiday blues to set in so a bit of retail therapy may be in order so I shall be hitting the chaz boutiques to see what I can find. *note to self - DO NOT buy more china.................

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What's new pussy cat?

Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts this last week. I've been away on a lovely break in a little village in Suffolk. I have basically done little but eat,drink and sleep for a week. It was seven lovely days of recharging the batteries. So now I am back, normal service will return......

Would you like to hear some exciting news? Hmmm? Well I'm pleased and very excited (very, very,very,very) to announce that I shall now be writing for Vintage Norwich! Thanks to the lovely blogger Retro Chick for asking me. I'm super happy to be on board. Retro chick is also the editor of Vintage Norwich - no, I don't know how she juggles it all either. *Each time I meet her I'm expecting her to have some vintage style knickerage action going on over her clothes, to demonstrate she is indeed some kind of vintage super hero.

Vintage Norwich is a brilliant website that really showcases what's on offer in Norwich and the surrounding areas. About two years ago I vividly recall a conversation in which I expressed how I felt vintage was going to be much more mainstream sooner rather than later and that Norwich would blossom with the trend. It feels really good to know that statement was right!

So my biog for the site is now there for all to see. Including a mug shot. I decided to use the recent one of me in my hat. The Boy had to look twice at it and said it didn't look anything like me (who said the camera never lies?) So big apology in advance for any disappointment caused if you meet me in real life!

I'm thrilled to be working with the Vintage Norwich team. I'm looking forward to spreading the word that Norwich is a fine vintage city indeed. Pop over to the site and have a look, there's a facebook page for you to like too (click Here) It's a great way to keep up to date with events, reviews and what's goings on. Whether you live in or near Norwich, or even if you might just visit one day, the Vintage Norwich site is a superb resource.

*Just to confirm that I have never seen Retro Chick sporting her knickers outside of her clothes. Yet. ;O)
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