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Mid week love links

Firstly, just a quick thank you for the *amazing* reactions and comments on the last post where I raided by wardrobe and did a few high street/supermarket chic looks. I'm a bit stunned at how popular that post was and I did take the rear end shot out a few times in editing... We all have those days when confidence dips, I'm not confident 100% of the time! (If you missed the post in question and have absolutely no idea what I'm  rambling on about, then you can see it by clicking HERE!)

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about it. I've been asked for advice clothes and eras and been asked to take people clothes shopping.  I've loved hearing from you. I'm not an expert by any means but I'm happy to offer an opinion or answer a question as best I can! If you want to email me directly rather than leave a comment then feel free to say ''Hi'' to me at

So on with the post.....The world can seem a really sad place, I'm reluctant to even turn on the news at the moment. It's been commented that I can be a bit 'Pollyanna' with my smile and carry on regardless attitude, perhaps it's that Brit stiff upper lip thing. Who knows, but I thought right now we could all do with sharing a little love and niceness. So this post is going to be a bit of a shout out for a few of things I've read this week that have warmed my heart, touched my soul, and made me smile.

LOVENOTE, is an art project that you can be part of. The artist is looking for notes and messages of love to feature in a collection that will eventually be exhibited. They can be Anon if you wish so don't worry. Take a look at the site and if you want to take part all the instructions are there and there's already several on the blog for you to look through, it's a wonderful project.

Even if you feel you can't take part, why not pop over to the site and have a look. Love notes/letters are such a dying art. I have a 40's child's suitcase that holds postcards  The Boy sends me. I love getting them. You can't keep the memory of a text or a phone call as a keepsake like that. You can hold the memory of a conversation that contains words of love for many years but age is often cruel and once forgotten those whispers of sweetness may be lost forever. The written word can at least keep those memories alive if only on paper. Take a look at the lovenote site by clicking HERE

Nestled amongst my scarves, maybe over time the case will be full of letters and post cards.

The postcard could be from anywhere, when was the last time you sent  post card?

Blogger Lady Cherry  has written a really thought provoking and interesting post about the late Amy Winehouse. Amy's album Back to Black has always been one of my favorites since the first time I heard it. Like a lot of people there have been times when it's almost been a soundtrack for my life. Lady Cherry has included some pictures of a young Amy. It's easy to forget that she was once a young buxom girl with a raw talent. You can read this post by clicking HERE   *Polite notice, Amy Winehouse's death has provoked some very extreme opinions so let's go by the rule that if you can't say anything nice then just don't say anything at all.

picture from

So we've had  love and then reflection, what's next?..... a smile? Smiling is very important. It can also be quite disarming. That moment when you politely smile at a stranger as you walk past them an they don't smile back? I like to think that they are not being rude but that they were just not expecting it (maybe they think I'm bonkers...) People don't smile at each other as much as they should, it's a shame.

This final link is it to Land Girl 1980, who has written a guest post for a lovely blog called Lottie Loves. The post is about the contents of Land Girls Satchel and her daily essentials. For me it was the creative use of bobby pins that made me laugh. I won't spoil it for you, but it's worth a read. It also shamed me into realising how unorganised and full of unnecessary items my own bag is, I must add that to my 'to do' list....... You can have a snoop in Land Girls bag by clicking HERE

I hope you have all had things to smile about this week?
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