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Agony Aunt 1947 style

 You're looking at a magazine from  November 1947 called 'Home Notes'. Amazing to think this is almost 64 years old! It's going to be fabulous to read through, I was going to try and be really disciplined and save reading it until I went to a fabulous tea room we have in Norwich called Biddy's. I think sipping tea whilst being surrounded by beautiful china with old music playing will be simply divine and most fitting, it will be like stepping back in time. I also have some love letters from the 1950's I've been saving for this occasion too..........

I bought these on Ebay, seems a shame they are not in a box of treasures with the writers relatives but c'est la vie I suppose. I haven't even peeped at them yet, so let's hope the seller was honest in the description! When I find out I will let you know.......

So I've flicked through the magazine, it's in amazing condition for it's age and I must confess I got quite excited at finding a problem page! The page is actually called 'Sarah Hope's help page'  The picture of Sarah (actually she looks quite formal...) so the picture of Mrs Hope is very matronly, and quite frankly somewhat scary. There's no further details about her so let's see what issues are bothering the ladies of 1947 and take a look at what Mrs Hope's advice is..........................

Not the best picture but do you see what I mean?

Is it wrong?

I have been going around with a boy for some time, and just lately we have started making love in a very passionate way. I mentioned this to  a friend of mine and she was very shocked. I cannot truthfully say I am ashamed of my behavior, but I must admit that, occasionally I fee guilty. Is love making of this sort wrong, and if so what shall I do? Incidentally I am only 17, but have always mixed with a crowd considerably older than myself. From Bunny.

Mrs Hope replies

Don't you think that you ave answered your question yourself by admitting that, sometimes you feel guilty? Why should you, if you were perfectly happy about your behavior? I only wish that you had let me have your name and address so I could have written to you privately,and explained to you, as I cannot do here, just why it is not only foolish but dangerous. I think you should tell you boyfriend that you realise how rash you are being, and let him see that you mean it when you say you are not going in for any more of this lovemaking. You'll see if he's worth anything at all by the way that he takes your decision. 

''When we are married''

My boy and I have known each other for four years, and I've always been very friendly with his sister and his family. We see each other 3 times a weekend he's always talking of ''when we are married'' but he never says anything about being engaged to him. Last week his mother asked him if he was going to a certain dance, and he said : '' No, I am saving my money, as one day I shall have a wife to keep.'' But I cannot understand why he hasn't really made up his mind. I love him very much and would hate to give him up. What shall I do? From Poppy

Mrs Hope replies

I don't think you have anything at all to worry about. It seems to me that your boy takes it so for granted that you're going to marry each other that it has never occurred to him to mention a formal engagement. The fact that he talks about  ''when we are married'' and what he said to his mother , proves this. Also as he is keen to save money so that you can get married, he may feel it wiser to cut out the expense of an engagement ring. It's a big item, these are hard times you know.

He's so jealous

I am going to a party, and my husband has asked me not to wear anything that looks well on me. He says I have to keep my beauty for him alone and he hates to have his men friends admire me.  I love my husband but I like to be admired by others as well, and I know I am considered pretty.  How can I stop him from being so jealous? From Green Eyes

Mrs Hope replies

You can't stop your husband being jealous, it is a powerful and violent emotion and only those who suffer from it know how painful it can be. Perhaps you aren't always as careful as you might be to avoid giving your husband cause for jealousy. I rather think that this must be the explanation for his strange request that you should not wear ''anything that looks well'' at this party. I shouldn't take it too seriously, wear a pretty frock and take pain to look  as nice as nice as you can, but don't over do the make up or go out of your way to attract attention from other men. I think you'll find that your husband won't mind how nice  you look if you  make it clear that he's the one, and the only one, you're aiming to please.

Hmmmmm so what do I think? .............. Well I think Bunny not including her address was a lucky escape! I think Mrs Hope would have written a letter, but it would have been addressed to Bunny's parents!! The poor girl might have ended up getting the beating of her life or sent to a home for wayward girls (maybe both!) I do wonder what happened with Bunny and the boy though..........

As for Poppy, well as Beyonce. Seriously though, one of my early posts was about expensive rings not being the main thing about being in love, however it would have been nice if he had actually popped the question, at least asked her and not assumed! You can find that early post by clicking here

As for Green Eyes,  well, where to start? What conflicting advice. You're husband is in the right but wear what you like within reason. Hmm, I really don't think there was much clear or helpful guidance there at all. I wonder if Mrs Hope got a splinter as she appeared to find a fence to sit on half way through that response!

What do you think?
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