Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's not who you wear, it's the way that you wear it.

 Now I don't own any pieces by Dior, or any of those other big designer names. A) I can't afford it and B) If I was going to splurge over £100 in one go then I'd want at several vintage dresses and at least one new bag. I'm happy to treat myself to a £30 dress and if I got lucky and found a designer label than all well and good, but it would still have to be something I loved. A label just isn't enough is it? I would  hit the high street if I had exhausted all other avenues. I'd rather spend hours browsing vintage shops, vintage online boutiques and charity shops. If all else fails then I hit the shops and brave Primark, New look etc and the supermarkets have great ranges too. I've has some amazing dresses from the George range at Asda.

My fave Asda dress, a blue fifties style pencil dress, half price at £9.50 - I also have this in black which was also a bargain at under £10.
Why do I love vintage more than the high street? Well I have a wardrobe crammed with vintage clothes ( but yes, I always lust for more!) and they are amazing quality, brilliantly made and well cut. It's also good for the environment and I like to feel that I look a more individual. I like to feel 'me'. My love of vintage has really rather spoiled me. I wouldn't be able to afford that kind of quality from today's retailers, I just don't have that budget..... and I do get a buzz out of bagging myself a gorgeous item that I have seen potential in.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a purist vintage obsessive. Some times that can be frowned up on, but I think it's perfectly okay to throw on your New Look skinny jeans ( Disco skinny range are fabulous) and Primark do some great budget friendly jeans too, I normally wear mine with a vintage cricket jumper or a vintage blouse. It's a great combo of old and new. How fantastic is Primark for accessories? They do amazing belts, brooches etc to liven up an outfit.

My £2 Primark necklace which I wear almost every day!
I also don't have a set era that I like either. Basically I am too greedy to stick to one! I just love fashion. I can work the 40's land girl look one day, the next I might have aspirations  to be a 50's pin up and then another day I might throw on my 80's heels and tweed blazer with my skinny jeans. If I was really really pushed to have a fave era and I mean really pushed  (i.e I'm being chased by Alfred Hitchcock style vicious birds and the only way to save myself is to make a choice)....then I would say the 50's....I love the glamour and I'm positive there is a pin up inside all of us.

At the risk of sounding ancient, I'm so glad that the youth of today seem to find it easier to be individual in the way they dress. There doesn't seem to be the same pressure as when I was at school in the 80's/90's when it was all about your trainers and your shell suit! (I never owned one of those btw! honest!) Goodness, I wonder if they will be the next thing to make a comeback?.............I certainly won't be a slave to that fashion thank you very much! Give me my granny tweed any day!
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