It's oh so quiet shhh shhhhh............

 I'm in the process of a house move so apologies for being quiet ( me being quiet was never something teachers wrote on my school reports) but I will be back in full chatterbox mode asap. I've bagged some simply fabulous vintage china and bits and bobs lately. Tomorrow I am going to try and find some vintage wardrobes. The budget is tight so wish me luck!! The new house has some lovely original fireplaces so expect some pictures going onto the Project 365 page soon with those as my back drop!

I am currently surrounded by boxes and bags, moving house is a fab time for a life laundry! I've made several trips to the charity shops and I've spread the donations out between some of the shops in my area that I always have a great experience with, customer service and politeness is really important to me and a bit of friendliness costs nothing, I have found some volunteers/workers in charity shops really rather sniffy and rude and it totally puts me off.

I recently bought some sweet little vintage cups and saucers from a shop I rarely visit (camera is in a box...somewhere... so pics to follow!) and the man behind the till was so dismissive and not nice to me! I asked if I could just pop them on the till as I wanted to have a peek at the books and was worried about dropping them and he reluctantly said I could, then when I was went to pay, he asked if I was ready now in such a way that you would have thought I had been lording it around the shop like Lady Muck! Then (yes there's more!) I said it was okay not to wrap them as I had a bag with me and they would be fine because I had a dress in there that I could wrap them in. So I'm trying to save their paper and bags and he insists on wrapping them up ''properly''. I felt like I had just been told off! They are lovely teacups and at least I have a story to go with them, but honestly! I appreciate my Pollyanna attitude can be a bit disarming but I was charming and lovely from start to finish, despite the audience. I hope he was having a bad day, because if that was him on a good day?!.............. Crikey!

Oh that accidentally turned into a little rant. Ooooops!

Wish me luck with the vintage wardrobe hunt tomorrow!!!  Fingers crossed please everybody! X
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