Jaw dropping drawers

Just before Christmas I had a mini declutter and took some bits to the charity shop. As I walked past the window I glanced in and spotted something that made me ridiculously excited and I was so keen to get in the shop that I confess I dashed through the door at such a pace that I cut into the path of man with a baby in one of those pouchy/sling  things and he had to swerve out my way. I was forgiven by flashing a smile, apologising and being complementary about his baby (who responded by promptly filling his nappy - that will teach me.) 

I just simply had to get a closer look at this gem........

Not best pic. Doesn't really fit in my bedroom at the moment.....the joys of moving from a house to a small flat!

I'm a 'touch -er', I just have to touch things, it's a child like quality that has never left me and I still remember sitting in a trolley in Woolworths and stretching out to touch a mug which then spiraled of the hook and smashed on the floor. The trolley was then whizzed away into another aisle with such speed that I expect G-force could be seen on my chubby baby cheeks.

So as soon as I ran a finger over this dusty old girl I wanted her, but could I afford her?...Well as it had just that moment been reduced to ....................£5 yes I could. 

I was so thrilled! There is just something so very lovely about it. My instinct was 1960's but the man in the shop thought 1950's? It's a G-plan design and I have researched the G-plan stamp in the drawer they did use this one in the 50's and stopped using it in 1965, so it could be either. If anyone can pinpoint a year I'd love to know.

I'm just totally fascinated by what history it may have witnessed. I'm day dreaming about hair being styled, lipstick being applied, dates being prepped for, mother and daughter talks, tears and heart break, conceptions, births, grief. I just wish there was a way to know. 

I just need to get a little stool but I'm using my vintage tea cups and vintage china plates as decoration and practical storage for hair pins, make up, rings etc.

 It looks gorgeous and a week or so after I bought it was I walking around an antique/vintage shop in Norwich and there was one just the same......for £175!! I actually gasped with joy and shock. So not only is my old girl a beauty, she truly was wonderful find. Gorgeous and cheap, not a bad combo at all.

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Kooky vintage adverts..... part 1

I am an obsessed browser. I just like looking at 'stuff' I can lose hours of my life to places like Ebay because I can just browse through pages and pages of absolutely anything. The magic of the internet still amazes me (although I am the person who sends a fax and still says '' oooo 'isn't it all so clever?!'') I'm always stumbling across old adverts for the wonderful and the weird. So vintage adverts....comic, odd and at times scary viewing I think you will agree?

 personally I would *love* to be given a mixer as a gift!

 *a-hem* hmmm....

I think so?

shame we can't read the text, I'm sure there are valid reasons for wanting this?!

 Don't try this at home! (or even at all!)

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Judy without the Punch but with very big hair!

Hmmmm, I have to say Punch and Judy used to scare me as a child. Fortunately my latest little find was all Judy and no Punch. On a recent trip to take some stuff to the ' Chaz Boutique' AKA the charity shop I stumbled across a pile of old annuals from the 60's. From the moment I flicked through them I was hooked, and knew they were coming home with me. I bagged 5 for £5 and tried to engage the lady behind the counter into a conversation about them but she was having none of it. I always think volunteering in a charity shop would be just the most fun. This lady didn't seem to think so? I guess we all have those days.

If I didn't work full time I would happily give up one or two days a week to help out and just be surrounded by interesting 'stuff'. If I ever win the lottery (no rich relatives that I know of so I'm relying on a win here!) then I will open a vintage shop. This is where I start day dreaming about dressing up every day. One day I will be Vivien Leigh the next I would be Margo from 'The Good Life' swooshing around in cocktail wear....*sigh* how fun would my shop be though?!

One of these paper gems is 'Judy for Girls' not sure of the exact year but 1960's. It is full of comic style illustrations. Just fabulous.

It's crammed with tales of dancers and girls owning ponies. It oozes aspirational glamour and daydream material. Including a tale of an *a-hem* Escort girl......
''Janet Masters, who worked for Universal Escorts - a firm that undertook to provide an escort for anyone, anywhere, popped her head round the door of Miss Grant's office and gave her employer a big grin.....''

Well I say!

As well as possible career choices there is a tips for girls page, Fredericke 'a top class hair stylist' takes us through his tips to make sure us girls can look ''smart and well groomed.''

These old pics are so fab, Fredericke does scare me a bit though...

Serious volume

Jedward have nothing on these ladies

 They just make such a great read. I just love old books, it pains me to see them on shop bookshelf instead of a warm and friendly home. I have always loved old things. Which may explain why at the age of 11 I had a huge crush on Harrison Ford!

I would watch the Indiana Jones film on repeat ( VHS, remember having to rewind the tape? Our video player was so noisy it was like a plane taking off and used to shake in a frenzy). I had the book, I cut out pictures from the paper. I even made him a birthday card. I was in love.

I was in love with Harrison Ford when I was 11 and he was celebrating his..........47th birthday! I can see now why my teacher at the time had a weird look on her face when I proudly showed her the birthday card I had made over the weekend! (Grey card, with a red glitter heart- this was a significant crush so I remember such detail!)

I digress. Back to the vintage hair.... I hardly ever wear my hair up and not in any super vintage styles. I often quiff up the front but no Audrey H style up do's. Bring on the hairspray....
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Saucer of champagne?

Browsing through some images of the fabulously beautiful Ms. Monroe I was captivated by the way she sexily (but sweetly in that unique Monroe way) cupped a champagne saucer. I love the shape of these glasses. There is something  more classic and chic about them than a narrow little flute that you have to neck back, not an elegant description I know but you get my point?

I know there is some science behind the surface area being larger in a saucer shaped glass and it will lose it's fizz, yadda. yadda. yadda. Seriously though......who has champagne in their glass long enough for it to go flat?? I can't be the only one who doesn't?

Vintage champagne saucers  or 'coupes' if you prefer ( personally I like the meeow factor) are now even higher on my wish list of vintage must haves. Also included on the list are some more vintage suitcases (see my previous post) a working vintage camera ( although it has been a while since I processed and printed my own film....) some 1950's pearls and some more Bally vintage shoes which quite frankly are the comfiest heels ever. The list is pretty endless and is constantly getting longer but that's why I love vintage because you can never be sure when or what you will get to tick off the list or what will be next to get added.

1960's advertisement. Uber glam. 

Of course as someone who is a) naturally *very* clumsy and b) tends to talk with their hands, I can see that they might not be the most practical glass for me so if all else fails then a lesson can be taken from the great Bette Davis....

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