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It's been a great couple of weeks for gorgeous finds. I've got some fab fab fab little gems to share with you. Before I do that though I just want to say a huge thank you. I have just hit 51 followers, on top of that so many lovely readers are subscribing via email and now via Facebook too. I pondered blogging for such a long time and I am so glad I finally just got on with it! I am not a techie, so it has been a learning process indeed. I could have hired a 10 year old to put my blog together which would have been a lot quicker! Anyway, many hours, many many cups of tea and a few (very large) glasses of vino I was ready to go and here I am!

I am thrilled with this 1960's Foxcroft 'made in England' suitcase! It cost £2.50. What a steal.

It's in brilliant condition but has certainly had some use. Where has it been I wonder?! It has a gold coloured interior that looks like fabric, but actually it's paper! It's so deceptive I had to look twice and then touch it to check. It's is going to be a great little number for storage but I want to use it too....maybe a few train journeys....for old times sake....

One of the inside pockets is a bit ripped, not bad for such an old boy though!

Looks like a bedspread! This is no ordinary case.

I have also acquired a pretty swanky little Chiltern bag. It a glossy black and chestnut brown combo, I know some people don't like black and brown together but I personally love it. It's a great little box/satchel bag and cost £2. It even had a little granny metal style pen inside. It's super condition and I have had several comments from people wanting to know where I got it from, hmm bag envy, I can cope with that!

My final find is inspired by Vintage Vixen having seen a post a while ago where Vix used decanters in a way that I had never thought of I have been completely inspired.....................

Bubble bath!
The round one I have had for a few months now and it cost £1.50 and the square one I got today for £2. What a brilliant and glam idea!  Thanks Vix x
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Some like it hot

A fab little find to share with you. I am rather excited to show you my 70's secretary dress. Isn't she a beauty? Full length picture to follow but here's a sneek peek...

I'm very pleased with the dress despite looking miserable

The label says made in England, I always get a little excited when I see that. A lost industry.
I wonder where it's been and what it has seen. I like to imagine the history of my little finds. I almost want to name it, would that be taking it too far? I'm thinking it should be the 'Veronica' dress.

£1.50 of sheer history and polyester! Thankfully I don't smoke because I expect near a naked flame this dress could be dangerous. I say this only half jokingly. What fool sets fire to their dress? Well it happened to me. I sat on a tea light!! Fortunately it was a cotton dress that also had a few layers of material. My dress actually caught fire and I had to smack my backside to put it out. The dress was harmed more than my flesh you will be glad to hear, so no trips to the hospital needed. Can you imagine that?

''I sat on a tea light...''

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I no longer have umbrella envy!

The other day I was the victim of a downpour that lasted an hour and a half! Unlucky for me as I had to walk in it for the entire time because I was on my way to work! My umbrella broke a while ago and after throwing it in the bin outside Tesco's I vowed to get myself another one. Typical of me though I didn't get around to it! ( I simply must get more organised)

By the time I got to work I wasn't looking as glam as Ms. Hepburn is in the above picture but I was equally as soaked! I quite like walking in the rain, I find it exciting and adventurous, however when I have to sit in the office with wet clothes and soaking wet hair (I did try drying it under the hand dryer in the ladies, but that was an accident just waiting to happen!)... well it's just not a practical way to spend most of the day. So I vowed to get a new umbrella. I was planning to just get a Primark or a New Look one and post about that UNTIL I was lead astray (or enlightened depending which view you take) by fellow blogger Retro Chick.

I ended up going out shopping to seeking out this Lulu Guinness Birdcage beauty for £32.99

I looked unsuccessfully in a couple of Norwich shops for this gorgeous creature but I was catching a train so was short of time, I could have waited and got one online, but I am ridiculously impatient and decided that I absolutely *must* have a dome umbrella right now. You see for ages I have longed for one of these. When ever I would see little girls looking out through the plastic of their dome umbrellas as they splash through the rain, I was  reminded how I longed for one. I just think they are both practical and fun! (The brolly not the little child!)

So I couldn't seek out the Lulu one above but I found an utterly adorable one that has electric blue sausage dogs on it! Now I love sausage dogs and I love blue and it was £17, so I took this as a sign and snapped it up! It is also available online www.umbrellaworld.co.uk (they do ship worldwide). I haven't used this website myself but I wanted to let you know where you could get the dog umbrella as it is too cute to keep to myself, they stock the Lulu Guinness one too.

Picture of me with umbrella to follow but so you can see what I am so excited about....here it is....

Totes Polka dot dogs£16.99

Also available from this website are:

Cath Kidston 'Cherry' £21.98 (her floral designs are not really for me, but I like this cherry one)

Totes 'Leopard border' £16.99

clear dome umbrella with white trim  £14.99

Some fab choices, your umbrella can indeed be both practical and fun what ever age you are. All I need now is a bit of rain.....typical that the day I get my new fab umbrella we have blue skies and sunshine! I almost found another use for it on a London bus last week though....I nearly opened it to use a a shield....to protect myself against flying toe nails....yes toe nails!! A woman was clipping her toe nails on the bus!!!!!!!!!! YUK!! Why would anyone do that??

(Thanks to Umbrellaworld for kindly agreeing to their products being featured)
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An award for moi?

Thank you Kate!
I have kindly been given this award by Kate at vintage in a modern world. In return I am duty bound to share with you all 7 things about myself. Due to my lap top needing medical attention my blog has been a little quiet the last few weeks but normal service is now resumed!

So let us begin..................

1) I love London. Me and most of the world loves London, so can we all be wrong?? I love the mix of old and new and I never stop getting a thrill when I look up at a new building and see the reflection of an old one proudly shimmers in the huge panes of glass. Despite having an A-Z, I nearly always manage to lose my way but it's all such an adventure that it doesn't matter. I love vino in the Seven stars pub where it's resident cat 'Tom Paine'  often sports a  neck ruff! Coffee in Covent Garden (oh hello Ben's cookies!) and all the hustle and bustle. It's fabulous and I am always open for tips and advice on things to see and do, so feel free to share.

2) My celebrity crush (well one of the major one's) is.................Chris Evans - yes the DJ, yes the ginger one! For years he has been my celebrity of choice. He is funny and quite frankly I think he is hot! I don't know why more girls don't get it but they just don't seem to?! It's a shame he is fading in  his gingerness now but he could still take me out on a date! *a-hem* if I were we both single of course....

3) I love sausage dogs! I don't have any pets and my life style wouldn't work with pooches but in an ideal world (and in my ideal world dogs don't poo....) I would have a couple of sausage dogs. Little brown ones. I even have names for them - James and Paul, although I recently decided Gordan would be a super dog name and I also like Max and Ruby....so maybe I am aiming for 5 little rascals?!! I think throwing a girl into that mix of boys will work, she can keep them all in line. I just think they are so so cute with their little legs and proud posture. I hold my hands up, I would be one of these owners who dress their dogs up in antlers at Christmas. I just know I would.

''I love Christmas, mummy puts me in antlers''

4) I love the coast. I am very lucky that I have a varied choice where I live at the moment, with the nearest beach being a 30 minute drive away. I love going to the sea side rain or shine. It calms my soul and I just love walking along the sea front. I like quaint unspoiled stretches of coast line and if I can find a spot to sit when there is no-one about then all the better. If you can cope with the temperatures then I think it's even better to go to the beach on those colder days outside of summer. Just bundle up and take on the weather! I strongly recommend the Norfolk coast if you ever get the chance to visit.

The lovely Cromer pier

Sheringham beach - pebbly, so not a walk for the faint hearted, or those wearing unsuitable footwear!
5) I can spend hours looking through cookery books. I adore browsing through the pictures. I doesn't matter if they are old or modern. I like to think of myself as a bit of a Nigella, however I am also slightly deluded as I don't really 'cook' all that often! Nigella's book is just fabulous though so if you are pondering getting it then I would say do it! Try the lemon cous cous. Yumtastic.

6) I love Gil Elvgren and you can see some of his glorious pin up art on my blog. If you are not over familiar with his work then remember his name and check him out. Just gorgeous visions to feast your eyes on. I would *love* a pin up girl tattoo but lack of courage and money do not make a winning combination! You never know though, maybe one day! Words can't describe his work adequately so I will let the pictures do the talking.......

7) No. 7 already? hmmmm. I could list so much more than 7! When I got this award I thought I might struggle, but as always once I start talking I just can't stop.....So.....number 7 is going to be a bit of a cheat and a very decadent choice. I love champagne and I love oysters. If I was at a dinner party with nothing but those gems on the menu I would be a happy happy girl. If I could sit at the dinner table and neck them in the company of Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese, Dannii Minogue, Katy Perry, Chris Evans and Colin Firth then that my darlings, would be a jolly good time indeed!

And so to pass this award on....drum roll....I award the following people:
Retro Chick
Dear Sweet Agatha
Calamity Jem's vintage vaudeville
Penny Dreadful Vintage
Land Girl 1980
Perdita's Pursuits
Out with the new, in with the old
Andi B.Goode
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Nigella Lawson - the Von Teese of the kitchen

Well I found my ho ho ho! Hoorah! But what I also found was flu and even my laptop has not escaped the epidemic as it also has a horrid little virus and just won't play ball! Hence why I have been a little quiet on the posting. However the pen is mightier than the techie sword (aka my laptop) and I have oodles of posts just waiting to be pictured up and loaded on just as soon as I can!

So my Christmas was a sneezy one, I didn't even make a Christmas dinner! I was just too ill, so The Boy, bless his cottons, made do with a quiche! (from the back of the freezer so not even something extra special! eek!) But he was quite happy with that - so I guess that's love for you! I do normally fancy myself as a wannabe Nigella though when I am healthy! It stems from days of baking when I was little and I would pretend I was making a cookery programme. I would talk to the tiles as if they were my audience!

So whilst I didn't do any 'cooking' (heating a frozen quiche just doesn't count!) I did get to look through lots of cookery books ( I could spend ages just browsing them) and my adoration of Nigella just continues.

  So just how gorgeous is Nigella? I do have a girl crush on her I must confess. She just looks like a muse for a vintage pin up artist. That glossy hair, those jaw dropping curves, and that cheeky little twinkle in her eye. She is the epitome of naughty but nice. She would have been a perfect 1960's bond girl, she's the housewife and the mistress all rolled into one.

Every time show goes into her magic pantry I expect her to finally bring out a six foot martini glass (I'm positive there's one in there somewhere) to which she will add pink lemonade ( homemade of course) before jumping in and splashing around and making us all fall under her spell a little bit more.

This year I was hoping to make some Nigella recipes to give as gifts, that so didn't happen! Remember when she did this on a programme? (I think it was honeycomb) but then she scoffed half of it  in the cab on the way? I know it can seem a bit scripted and set up, but the situations are true to life! Most of us have eaten a gift you made for someone, or ate the chocolate you bought for someone else then had a crazy rush to the shop to buy replacements, nipping to the fridge for a nibble etc. It happens! Nigella, a true kitchen goddess.

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